48 Hours in Treviso

Many travellers see no more than the city’s airport, but Treviso – ‘The Painted City’ – has a lot to offer. Sara Scarpa avoids the tourist trail to visit one of the lesser lights of Veneto… Photos by iStock Treviso is a name familiar to the millions of travellers who arrive and depart the bel […]

Living in Veneto

Jewel-like cities, golden beaches, sleepy hills and dramatic mountains – this sophisticated northern region has it all. From elegant urban apartments to low-priced rustic retreats, Veneto is a great place to buy property, says Fleur Kinson.   Tucked up in the northeastern corner of Italy, Veneto encompasses an extraordinary array of landscapes. The region’s feet […]

Over the bridge to San Polo

Adrian Mourby takes us on another of his guided walks around Venice with a visit to San Polo, the cradle of the city   San Polo can claim to be where the modern archipelago of Venice began in the 9th century. While the administration of this great trading empire developed in the lower-lying sestiere of […]

Pilgrimage to Possagno

You could travel the world’s museums to see the works of Antonio Canova, or you could go to Possagno, Joe Gartman writes… Images by Patricia Gartman There’s an elegantly mirrored and frescoed room in Venice’s Correr Museum, just off Piazza San Marco. I suppose you’d call the décor neoclassical: the mirrors are square, the frescoes […]

Northern Lights: Cannaregio

Adrian Mourby uncovers the rich history of Cannaregio, the most northerly of Venice’s six districts Image: Bottega Tintoretto It’s a misty winter’s morning outside Tintoretto’s house in Cannaregio. Here at the tall, pink house on Rio della Sensa the great painter would kiss his wife goodbye and promise to account for the money she had […]

The Perfect Italian Pandemic Pick-Me-Up

Julia Kolbert tells the little-known story of Tiramisù: The Perfect Italian Pandemic Pick-Me-Up   For all the extolling of their Mediterranean diet, the Italians do have a decidedly sweet tooth, especially at breakfast time. All those buttery brioches filled with jam, and their predilection for cake, Nutella and sugar-laden coffee are too much for this […]

Veneto regional property guide

Fleur Kinson explores the best places to buy property in this popular northern region, which encompasses such jewels and Venice, Verona and Padua – not to mention swathes of lovely countryside Photos by Getty Images Veneto, tucked away in the northeast of Italy, is romantic and prosperous in equal measure. Home to 5 million inhabitants, […]

Homes in Veneto

Romantic little cities, sleepy hills, shimmering rivers and long Adriatic beaches – Veneto has no shortage of enchantment. Seekers of urban apartments and of rural retreats should take a closer look, says Fleur Kinson Photos by Getty Images   You’re a well-travelled italophile. You know all about Venice, and Romeo and Juliet’s Verona. But you […]

Euganean Hills house, Veneto

This lovely, completely restored two-storey country house is in the hamlet of Valnogaredo in the centre of the verdant Euganean Hills regional park, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. The property of half a hectare (more than an acre) includes a beautiful garden with charming views over the surroundings. The Euganean Hills are located in the […]