Lazio regional property guide

lake bracciano lazio regional guide

Fleur Kinson visits this region’s property hotspots – from bustling city locales to relaxed rural villages – to find out the best places to buy a home Lazio photos by Getty Images Lazio sits on the western side of central Italy, a longish region that in many ways is the geographical divide between northern and […]

Homes in Lazio

civita di bagnoregio

Rome steals all the attention, but the rest of this region deserves far more fame, with lyrical hills, sleepy lakesides, friendly little towns and historic treasures all around, says Fleur Kinson Photos by Getty Images   All roads lead to Rome. But they can also lead out of it, and exploration pays off. Italy’s capital city […]

Lazio & Abruzzo travel guide

St Benedict’s monastery, Italy

Penny Wainwright brings us some highlights from off-the-beaten-track destinations in deepest Lazio and rural Abruzzo – from food & drink to great places to stay and things to see and do… Photos by Penny Wainwright What to see & do The Monastery at Subiaco (Lazio) The monastery of Santa Scolastica was one of 12 created […]

48 hours in Lazio & Abruzzo

View across Lake Turano from Antuni, Italy

Driving northeast from Rome, into deepest Lazio, you soon come across some places that could only be in Italy. Penny Wainwright takes the tour… Photos by Penny Wainwright    On the drive from Rome through the tree-covered hills of Lazio, on the shores of Lago Turano, is Castel di Tora, one the Borghi più belli […]

Chestnuts roasting…

Chestnuts Italy

Julie Friend attends a special food festival in the province of Viterbo, and discovers that here the chestnut is not just for Christmas Photos by Getty unless otherwise stated   Clinging to the side of Mount Cimino, in the province of Viterbo, is the hilltop town of Vallerano. Perched 400 metres above sea level, the […]

Past Italia: Il Castello di Santa Severa

Castello di Santa Severa, Lazio italy

The medieval castle of Santa Severa faces out to sea on the Lazio coast, just 40 minutes north of Rome The Castle of Saint Severa is named after a young girl whose entire family was martyred. Her father was a Roman military commander who converted to Christianity and was put to death for refusing to renounce […]

Lazio regional property guide

Discover your perfect Italian home in Lazio. Our guide to the region has the lowdown on the property potential of each area… Words by Fleur Kinson. Photos by iStock   Introduction Lazio sits on the western side of central Italy, a longish region that in many ways is the geographical divide between northern and southern […]

Homes in: Lazio

Lake Nemi Lazio Italy

Mighty Rome sits in its middle, but the rest of Lazio is a remarkably rural region where pretty hills and sleepy lakesides meet handsome old villages and friendly little towns. Buyers of country homes will find superb value for money, says Fleur Kinson Photography by iStock   Rome is one of Italy’s absolutely best-known and […]

Crystal Clear, Lake Bolsena

Italy’s northern lakes are very well known, but they’re not the country’s only glittering freshwater. Fleur Kinson explores a volcanic paradise in Lazio that’s overflowing with history. Herbal perfume rises from the earth beneath me and overhead a warm breeze rattles the dark green foliage. I emerge onto a golden cliff where I stop to […]

Gardens of the Northern Lakes

Historically a trailblazer in garden design, Italy still wows with its gorgeous giardini. Fleur Kinson finds variety in all its splendour on the shores of the northern lakes. Italy, like England, is one of the great gardening nations of Europe and was hugely influential in the evolution of ideas about green spaces arranged for pleasure […]