Caffè Corretto

caffe corretto

Joe Gartman discovers that his morning coffee may require a little lift. Discover more about the history and process of making grappa today! Images by Patricia Gartman The swift Brenta River flows through Bassano del Grappa and is crossed by a venerable wooden bridge, the Ponte degli Alpini (which, incidentally, was designed by Andrea Palladio). At […]

Where to get the best coffees in Rome

Espresso lovers can never go wrong in Rome. Your coffee will probably be excellent in most of the bars you find.   Yet, according to locals, if you want to drink the best in the city you have to head to the Pantheon: two ‘temples’ to the coffee bean are there, situated within walking distance […]

This Week’s #ItaliaIcon – The Moka Pot

The ‘Moka Express’, as the makers call it, or la machinetta as it is commonly known, has been a fixture in Italian kitchens since the 1950s… Originally designed in 1933, at a time when many Italians were having to count their lire and, consequently, their trips to the local café, the Moka pot (the manufacturer’s […]

At-Home Coffee Machine: Which is Best?

The Marketing Manager at De’Longhi UK explains which sorts of coffee machines are the best for the home… Q. There are now many different types of coffee machines for the home. You can use capsules, powder or beans. Is there a big difference in the quality of coffee that these different methods produce? And is […]

Espresso Machines Review: Italia!’s Top Picks

There is nothing more indicative of true Italian life than the fondness for espresso – so this month we test seven of the best coffee machines on the market… Conjure up the flavours of Italy and somewhere in your daydream is sure to be a sip of thick espresso, taken after lunch or during a […]

Arabica versus Robusta: Coffee Beans Explained

The Marketing Manager of De’Longhi UK explains the difference between the main coffee beans, and which one is best… A ROBUST ARGUMENT Q. There has been much debate as to which type of coffee is the best; arabica or robusta. The general consensus seems to be that arabica is far superior. Can you tell us […]