Non-alcoholic Italian drinks on test

Italian drinks

Alongside its reputation as a land of top-quality wines, Italy also has a fine tradition of alcohol-free drinks, for any time of day. Here are seven of our favourites for you to try Whether for health-conscious reasons or purely for flavour, the trend for low- or alcohol-free drinks is growing, so here is our selection […]

Olive oil on test

Olive oil is essential to Mediterranean food culture – how would Italians live without it? Join us to sample a selection of the best… Olive trees are the oldest known cultivated tree and the oil they produce is referred to as ‘liquid gold’. With its extraordinary health-giving properties, one can see why this glistening liquid […]

Risotto kits on test

Milan saffron risotto

Take the easy route to cooking a quick supper with Italy’s favourite rice dish. Italia! looks at some of the ready-to-make risotto kits currently on the market Risotto is a quintessentially Italian dish originating in the north of the country. It remains especially popular in these northern regions – such as Piedmont and the Veneto […]

Grana Padano on test

This Italian hard cheese has long lived in the shadow of Parmigiano Reggiano, but there’s no real reason why it should. We put seven supermarket brands under the spotlight… Grana Padano cheese has a long and noble history: originally made by the Cistercian monks of Chiaravalle way back in the 12th century, it is now […]

Panettone on test

For a true taste of Italian Christmas, you can’t beat a slice of classic (or flavoured) panettone – here are seven to help you decide which one to serve this year The origins of panettone go back to Roman times, but it was the bakers of Milan in the early 20th century who made the […]

Tastes of Italy on test

If you’re seeking some authentic flavours to pep up your favourite recipes, try some of these quintessentially Italian store cupboard spices and condiments For some, a plate of food is nothing without lashings of ketchup or mustard, for others the secret is all in the mix of ingredients with an added pinch or two of […]

Italian seasonings on test

Add the perfect finish to your Italian dishes with our selection of dried herbs and flavoured salts this month – from truffles to ginger, these will add zing to your culinary exploits! Whether it’s a simple twist of the black pepper mill, a pinch of sea salt flakes or something more aromatic, there aren’t that […]

The best short pasta on test

Fusili pasta

There are hundreds of pasta shapes out there, some more familiar than others. Here we try out seven short pastas – read on and enhance your Italian cooking! With the best will in the world, no one has time to make fresh pasta every day – not even Italians. This is why dried pasta is as […]