Homes in Liguria

Alassio, Liguria, Italy

Gilded beaches, gaily coloured buildings and serene, leafy hills have long made Liguria beloved by international homebuyers. With property prices at a temporary nadir, now is the optimum time to buy, says Fleur Kinson Photos by iStock   Hugging the Mediterranean in the northwest corner of Italy, Liguria forms a rainbow-shape on the map. You […]

Homes in Sicily

Catania, Sicily, Italy, volcano Etna

Long summers, spectacular landscapes and super-friendly people are just three things to entice you to Sicily. A vast range of property options – including some of Italy’s most affordable homes – should be another, says Fleur Kinson Photos by iStock   Sitting like a big, bold triangle perched at the toe-tip of the Italian boot, […]

Homes in Lombardy

Dreamy lakesides, elegant little cities, super-stylish dressers and a sky-high quality of life – it’s no wonder this mighty northern region has long been so popular. It still makes a great choice for property, says Fleur Kinson Photos by iStock   Sitting at the heart of northern Italy, with its romantic head in the Alps […]

Casa al modo tuo… your house, your way!

Whatever your needs, Kevin Gibney of brings us an essential guide to buying your perfect Italian property How do you find the perfect property? It’s a question that has been posed hundreds of times to property expert Kevin Gibney of Le Marche estate agency And now he guides Italia! readers along the road […]

Puglia regional property guide

SUMMER.Salento coast: Gallipoli beach.Apulia (ITALY)

Discover your perfect Italian home in Puglia. Our guide to the region has the lowdown on the property potential of each area… Words by Fleur Kinson. Photos by iStock   Introduction Puglia dips its heel into both the Adriatic and Ionian seas. The climate is reliably sunny, and hot and dry in the summer, with […]

Homes in Puglia

peschici gargano italy apulia sea perched village

Beautiful Puglia continues to charm ever more visitors and home-buyers. It’s easy to be wowed by the endless coastline, superb cuisine and delightful climate – not to mention the low property prices – says Fleur Kinson Photos by iStock   Puglia is a very distinctive bit of Italy. It stands out on the map, for […]

Ask the experts: Puglia travel, Monferrato homes and more

Old farm masserie in Puglia Italy

Our experts are here to help with all your questions about Italy. This month they cover travelling in Puglia, buying property in a UNESCO-listed region, and the palio of Tarquinia… Photos by iStock Holidays in Puglia Q I have visited Puglia before, staying in a beautiful countryside villa set in own grounds with private pool. I […]

Homes in: Lazio

Lake Nemi Lazio Italy

Mighty Rome sits in its middle, but the rest of Lazio is a remarkably rural region where pretty hills and sleepy lakesides meet handsome old villages and friendly little towns. Buyers of country homes will find superb value for money, says Fleur Kinson Photography by iStock   Rome is one of Italy’s absolutely best-known and […]

Homes in Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Italy’s ‘secret’ northeast corner is an exotic wonderland where three great cultures converge. Golden beaches, inspiring mountains and truly delightful towns complete the enchantment. Property prices are a bargain, says Fleur Kinson   Even as a well-travelled Italophile, you’d be forgiven for having only a hazy awareness of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Or for never having heard […]

Homes in: Piedmont

This clean, classy region sees celestial Alps rising behind vine-striped hills cradling elegant little towns. Its gastronomy is legendary and its quality of life sky-high. With good prices and prospects, Piedmont makes a great choice for a home in Italy, says Fleur Kinson   Nestled up against France and Switzerland in Italy’s northwest corner, Piedmont […]