Homes in Emilia-Romagna

Emilia-Romagna landscape

The sophisticated region of Emilia-Romagna offers every geographical delight as well as some of the best food in Italy. Rural homes in its hills offer exceptional value for money too, says Fleur Kinson. Photos by Getty Images   If you’ve never heard of Emilia-Romagna, that’s only because this happy, prosperous place feels no need to […]

Homes in Lombardy

Tremezzo, Lombardy, Italy

The stylish region of Lombardy combines romantic Alpine lakesides and elegant little cities. It’s long been loved by foreign property buyers, and with good reason, says Fleur Kinson Lombardy photos by Getty Images   With an annual GDP that’s double the size of Italy’s next most productive region, Lombardy has been rightly dubbed the ‘economic […]

Homes in Lazio

civita di bagnoregio

Rome steals all the attention, but the rest of this region deserves far more fame, with lyrical hills, sleepy lakesides, friendly little towns and historic treasures all around, says Fleur Kinson Photos by Getty Images   All roads lead to Rome. But they can also lead out of it, and exploration pays off. Italy’s capital city […]

Homes in Liguria

Corniglia Italy

Easy to reach, and offering plenty of good-value property, it’s no surprise that colourful, sophisticated Liguria is much loved, says Fleur Kinson Photos by Getty Images   Forming a slender arc on the map, Liguria hugs the Mediterranean coast from the south of France to Tuscany. And yes, its beaches are every bit a lovely […]

Homes in Le Marche

Urbino in Le Marche, Italy

Garden-like countryside and a gleaming coast make this central Italian region a perennial favourite, says Fleur Kinson… Photos by Getty Images   Set between the sparkling Adriatic and the majestic Apennines, Le Marche enjoys a splendid position. So much about this region seems well-placed and well-proportioned; there are just enough hills, just enough towns and […]

Homes in Sardinia

Bosa, Sardinia

White beaches, turquoise water, pristine landscapes… Sardinia offers a fat packet of charms. Surprisingly, there’s property here to suit every budget, says Fleur Kinson Photos by Getty Images   Italy certainly has no shortage of beautiful places, and if you were asked to come up with its top ten, you’d struggle to make so short […]

Homes in Puglia

Trullo, Alberobello, Puglia

Sea, sun and hospitality abound in this southern region – as do beautifully-built homes at affordable prices. No wonder the high heel of Italy’s boot keeps going from strength to strength, says Fleur Kinson Photos by Getty Images   Once a sleepy backwater adored by Italian holidaymakers but relatively unknown to visitors from further afield, […]

Homes in Campania

Bay of Naples view from Posillipo Hill

This sun-drenched southern region has seduced visitors for nearly 3,000 years. There are still homes here to suit every budget, says Fleur Kinson Photos by Getty Images   You wouldn’t be the first person to fall in love with Campania. This geographically stunning place has been magnetic for millennia. It was here, specifically from the […]

Homes in Abruzzo

Lago di Barrea, Abruzzo

Abruzzo is spacious and unspoilt, and has some of Italy’s best-value property – it’s little surprise that the market is hotting up right now By Fleur Kinson. Photos by Getty   Halfway down the eastern side of the Italian leg, Abruzzo confidently unfurls between the high Apennines and the blue Adriatic. This is a region […]

Homes in Tuscany

Tuscany farmhouse, Italy

Long adored for its lyrical countryside and its jewel-like cities full of art, Tuscany is the first choice of many homebuyers in Italy. Prices and market conditions are currently very favourable, says Fleur Kinson There was a time, within the last couple of decades, when one in three visitors to Italy was a visitor to […]