Pasta primavera

Pasta primavera recipe

Spring pasta – A Pasta primavera recipe Pasta primavera is a prime example of the principles of Italian cuisine. Pasta, being the most versatile of Italian staples, is well matched to any occasion. Here it is given a spring dressing. I’ve used asparagus, peas and baby leaf spinach but the options are practically endless. Artichokes, […]

Trofie with leeks, tomatoes and basil

trofie pasta

Mario Matassa’s recipe for trofie with leeks, tomatoes and basil is a delicious taste of Liguria – known in Italian as trofie alle ligure The area around Cinque Terre, Liguria has a long-standing tradition of dried pasta. Trenette, long, thin linguine-like pasta, are served with pesto, potatoes and green beans. Equally popular today are trofie, […]

Penne with mushrooms and peas

penne with mushrooms

Mario Matassa’s simple and satisfying mushroom pasta dish is the perfect solution for a tasty midweek meal. Try it tonight! In Italy porcini mushrooms reign supreme, but this pasta dish can also be made using other varieties, depending on what you have in store (just skip the soaking step if using fresh rather than dried). […]

Tagliatelle with ricotta and walnuts


Mario Matassa’s recipe for tagliatelle con ricotta e noci is a tasty early winter treat that can be found in restaurants across Italy Serves 2 Preparation time 15 minutes Cooking time 15 minutes Ingredients: • 160g egg tagliatelle • 100g walnut halves • 150g fresh ricotta • 2-3 tbsp whole milk • 2 tbsp Parmesan • salt […]

Spinach and ricotta tortelli

tortelli with spinach and ricotta

Mario Matassa shares this recipe for classic stuffed pasta – these tortelli are stuffed with the traditional combination of spinach and ricotta, but you can experiment with other fillings too… Serves 4 Preparation time 30 minutes, plus resting Cooking time 10 minutes Ingredients: For the pasta • 200g plain flour • 2 free-range eggs, beaten For the […]

Spinach lasagne

Spinach lasagne

Green spinach pasta is probably the most popular and widely used flavoured pasta and this lasagne from Mario Matassa is a great way to showcase its charms… Serves 4 Preparation time 45 minutes, plus resting Cooking time 25 minutes Ingredients: • 350g plain flour • 3 medium free-range eggs • 100g fresh spinach For the sauce • 500ml […]

Chocolate pappardelle with wild boar ragù

Love pasta? Adore chocolate? It turns out that the two can be deliciously combined – Mario Matassa shows us how in this meaty recipe that’s bursting with flavour Serves 4 Preparation time 50 minutes, plus resting Cooking time 2 hours 45 minutes Ingredients: • 400g plain flour • 4 medium free-range eggs • 1 tbsp bitter cocoa powder For […]

Basic egg pasta

fresh egg pasta

Make your own pasta all’uovo – egg pasta – with Mario Matassa’s recipe. It’s the ideal starting point for cooking numerous delicious pasta dishes… Serves 4 Preparation time 30 minutes, plus resting Ingredients: • 400g plain flour • 4 medium free-range eggs Instructions: 1 Place the flour on a large worksurface and make a well in the […]

Tomato spaghetti with tomato and mozzarella sauce

Give pasta a glorious colour and add a Mediterranean kick to the flavour using tomato purée… Mario Matassa’s spaghetti recipe shows you how! Serves 4 Preparation time 40 minutes, plus resting Cooking time 10 minutes Ingredients: • 400g plain flour, plus a few extra tablespoons if necessary • 4 medium free-range eggs • 1 tbsp tomato purée […]

Vero Italiano: pasta

Fresh pasta

In this instalment of his series uncovering the secrets of Italian food, Mario Matassa turns his attention to pasta. Read on for a lesson in how you can make the perfect fresh egg pasta too… Photos by Mario Matassa Someone once asked me if it was possible to say that a food is simpatico. This […]