Top Tips For Taormina

See below for the best places to eat, what to see and do, where to stay and how to get there to ensure you have the best time in Taormina, Sicily… What to see and do Isola Bella It would be easy to miss out on a trip to Isola Bella if you are on […]

Homes in Luxurious Locations – Part 1

Italy is the perfect place to buy a luxurious property – its buildings are heart-meltingly beautiful and its market is reliably sound for investment. Your money will be well-placed here. Fleur Kinson offers some tips for big-spenders… Okay, you’re lucky enough to have some cash to splash. You know that property is one of the […]

5 Best Italian Breads

Some 350 varieties of bread originate from Italy, from crusty loaves to unleavened flat breads and the crispy breadstick. Tuck into five of the best as chosen by Italia! 1. Focaccia Of all the breads, this ancient Ligurian bread with a mottled appearance, is popular all over the world. Oven baked, its name comes from the […]

Top Five ‘Supercar’ Manafacturers

Aside from the masterpieces of the past, Italy boasts a number of mechanical works of art. Italia! selects five of the best exponents of Italian ‘supercar’ engineering. 1. Ferrari It is safe to say that the Ferrari is considered the quintessential icon of Italian style and design. With its scarlet finish, impeccable engineering, and distinctive […]

The Passion of the Christ, Location: Matera

Matera stands in for the Jerusalem of 2,000 years ago in this graphic depiction of the death of Jesus Christ… (2004, Matera. Directed by Mel Gibson. Starring Jim Caviezel, Monica Bellucci) Mel Gibson directed this highly controversial film that graphically traces the last 12 hours of Jesus Christ’s life leading up to his Crucifixion. It has […]

Top Five: Renaissance Art

The Italian Renaissance in the 15th century saw a flowering of new techniques in art. This week’s Top Five is a look at a few of the paintings that redrew the cultural map of Europe… 1. La gioconda Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo’s masterpiece is probably the most famous painting in the world, although it is […]

Top Five Romantic Places in Italy

Heralded as one of the most romantic countries in the world, Italy has no end of romantic spots to pick from. So move over Venice, Italia! short lists some strong contenders… 1.Florence It sometimes seems as though Florence’s magnificent architecture and piazze were designed to please enamoured couples. Not only does the city house hundreds […]

Top Tips for Capri

If you’re planning a trip to Capri, you may like to visit some of the below landmarks, hotels and restaurants. Read more about Capri in Fleur Kinson’s 48 Hours in Capri by clicking here. WHAT TO SEE AND DO THE BLUE GROTTO Via Grotta Azzurra, Anacapri This brilliantly illuminated sea cave mustn’t be missed. A […]

Top Tips For Lake Orta

Inspired to visit Lake Orta? Here’s our top tips on what to see and do, where to eat and drink and what not to miss! WHAT TO SEE AND DO ➤ Boat trip to Isola San Giulio< Piazza Motta 1, Orta San Giulio +39 333 605 0288 Motoscafi Pubblici di Orta offer trips across to […]

Top Tips For Verona

Planning a trip to Verona? See below for Lorenza Bacino’s tip on the things to see and do, what to eat and where to stay! WHAT TO SEE AND DO ➤ ARENA  +39 045 800 3204 Built in the 1st century AD, a 12th century earthquake destroyed most of the outside walls – only a small section […]