The new June/July 2023 issue of Italia! is out now

The new Italia! magazine June/July 2023 issue is out now! Welcome to the latest issue of Italia! magazine (issue 203)! With summer firmly in our minds, we’ve put together an issue we know will take you right through the season! We start in the Bay of Naples on the sunny island of Ischia, beset by disastrous landslides […]

Can you feel the heat?

Mary Novakovich visited Calabria and discovered the full extent of the locals’ passion for peperoncino in a region of Italy where the love of this fiery fruit reigns supreme. Images by Adam Batterbee unless otherwise stated Of the colours of the Tricolore, red is the one that best sums up Calabria. Not through any political […]

The real San Marco

Adrian Mourby ventures deep into San Marco, Venice’s oldest sestiere, which is known the world over for its piazza and yet is otherwise relatively rarely explored. Images by Kate Tadman-Mourby unless otherwise stated Of course we all know San Marco. This area of Venice has the best of the Grand Canal, the Rialto and Accademia […]

Gavi travel guide

gavi travel guide

Find some of the best places to stay and eat while staying around Gavi, Piedmont with Marina Spironetti’s guide to the highlights of the area… Images by Marina Spironetti unless otherwise stated. Where to eat Il Banco Via Monte di Pietà 5, Novi Ligure This no-frills address is a must to try farinata, a traditional […]

The top 10 reasons you should visit Gavi


We are all familiar with Gavi wine, but how much do we know about the region it comes from? Marina Spironetti reveals ten reasons why you should make ‘Gavishire’ your next destination… Images by Marina Spironetti unless otherwise stated. The name Gavi is a favourite on any wine list. One of Piedmont’s most popular exports, […]

Marching Arches

Rome park

In the far southeast of Rome is a park with a long and watery history, Joe Gartman writes… Images by Patricia Gartman  There is a place, not far from the old Via Appia, where you can step outside of Rome without leaving the city. You can almost step outside of time too, into a landscape […]

Discover Villa d’Este

Villa D'este

The 16th-century Villa d’Este at Tivoli, a UNESCO World Heritage Site sits just outside Rome. The palace and gardens were created from a desire for status, yet a legacy that spans centuries has been left… How does a newly declared governor of Tivoli ensure that an old monastic building befits his new political status? He […]