On Sale Now – Italia! Guide to Venice & Veneto 2024

The new issue of Italia! Guide – Venice & Veneto is here, and we’re taking you to one of Italy’s most romantic and historic cities, as well as the captivating region that lies beyond! Whether you’re seeking a weekend break or a longer stay, our informative guide has 116 pages of travel inspiration and essential advice to plan your next […]

5 best Italian walks

Take a stroll (or a hike) through our five favourite spots for Italian walks… 1. Via Ferrata (SOSAT), Brenta Dolomites, Trentino Alto Adige. Italian walks don’t get much more stunning than this. The Dolomites are liberally scattered with vie ferrate, or ‘iron paths’ – high mountain routes with fixed climbing aids to help walkers negotiate […]

Discover Umbria on foot

Among the nature and hilltop villages of Italy’s green heartland, Amy McPherson discovers that travelling slowly on foot means seeing and experiencing more… There is something very precious about the steps we take, knowing that thousands have taken the same steps before us, hundreds of years ago. Their mission was to follow a spiritual path, […]

Travel through the natural wonders of Italy

From tracking Italy’s ‘big five’ to honing your photography skills or wild volunteering, Italy offers a wealth of travel opportunities to bring you closer to the natural world, says Jenny Oldaker… You’ve seen the treasures of the Renaissance in Florence, marvelled at Rome’s ancient history and been awestruck by Amalfi’s glittering coastline. What next? Italy […]

Living in Veneto

Jewel-like cities, golden beaches, sleepy hills and dramatic mountains – this sophisticated northern region has it all. From elegant urban apartments to low-priced rustic retreats, Veneto is a great place to buy property, says Fleur Kinson.   Tucked up in the northeastern corner of Italy, Veneto encompasses an extraordinary array of landscapes. The region’s feet […]

Discover The Bagolino Winter Carnival

We follow Marina Spironetti in her discovery of one of Italy’s most beautiful and lesser-known winter carnivals in the Alpine town of Bagolino… Images by Marina Spironetti Getting to the small town of Bagolino was quite a job. It might have been because of my not-so-accurate map, but certainly the winding mountain road that eventually […]

Wellness in the mountains

Amy McPherson discovers the healing power of nature in the mountains and ancient forests of Trentino Images by Amy McPherson unless otherwise stated It has just rained. Soft, dense and moist autumn leaves cushion our steps, and I have the urge to pounce beneath the leafy heaps like a cat, to dig my paws into […]

Top 10 places to visit in Italy

Italy has it all – incredible landscapes, evocative history, stunning architecture, amazing weather and fabulous food. If you’re planning a holiday to Italy, then check out our suggestions below of some of the top sights you should see in this stunning country. Before we start… Now that the world is slowly starting to open again […]

Our top ten guide to off-peak Alto Adige

Rachael Martin visits Alto Adige and picks out ten highlights to embrace in the months between the ski seasons. Alto Adige is the northern part of Trentino-Alto Adige and is famous for its Dolomite mountains. The 18th-century French mineralogist Déodat de Dolomieu first described and gave his name to both pale-coloured rock and mineral, and […]

A love affair with Italy starts in Lake Garda

Are you looking for the perfect location to start a love affair with Italy? The Novel Traveller, Michelle Jackson, enjoys some enjoys some gems with Travel Department on a guided tour of Lake Garda, Verona and Venice. Before we start… Now that Covid vaccinations are progressing well the world is slowly starting to open again […]