Yoga in Puglia

Sheree Cox of Puglia Holiday Rentals on why this gorgeous southern region offers more than just a holiday in the sun…                             As more and more visitors come to Puglia we’re often asked what else Puglia offers besides sun, sand and good […]

Paradise in Puglia

Open all year round, stylish Borgo Egnazia offers you the opportunity to experience a slice (or two) of authentic Puglian life in the most remarkable of settings Photos by Borgo Egnazia and Amanda Robinson Set between the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, the Puglian landscape is a diverse one, with craggy promontories, gently contoured, vine-clad hills, […]

Q&A: from leftover panettone to income tax

Our experts are here to help with all your questions about Italy. This month, art holidays, what to do with leftover panettone, driving around romantic Puglia, and income tax… Painting landscapes Q: It’s my ambition one day to paint some Italian landscapes for my friends and family. Would you have any particular places you would recommend […]

Our life in: Puglia

Matt and Shirley Partridge from Leicestershire own a small country house in the far south of Puglia. They enjoy month-long visits there several times a year, and plan to retire there permanently later this year. What drew them to Puglia? “We’ve both had careers in catering and hospitality,” Shirley explains, “and this contributed to us […]

Homes in: Puglia

SUMMER.Salento coast: Gallipoli beach.Apulia (ITALY)

Striking, sun-washed Puglia is a very distinctive bit of Italy, with landscapes and building styles like nowhere else. Beautiful, orderly and affordable, this far-southern region rightly continues to enchant foreign buyers, says Fleur Kinson. Forming the graceful high heel of the Italian boot, Puglia strikes a distinctive shape on the map. And it’s no less distinctive […]

Q+A: Taking an early summer holiday in Puglia

Our experts are here to help with all your questions about Italy. This week, taking an early summer holiday in Puglia. Question: We are planning to rent a family villa in Puglia this year, probably in May. We all like cycling, so are there any rural locations you would recommend? Does Puglia have a cycle […]

The best events in Puglia

No matter what time of year you visit Puglia you are sure to find something exciting to do and Puglia Holiday Rentals have the best advice An unplanned visit to a town often reveals streets hung with bright lights and stalls laid out with local food and crafts in celebration of some event or another. Early in the […]

Puglia regional property guide

The slender region of Puglia dips its heel into both the Adriatic and Ionian seas, as it is located at the bottom of the peninsula’s east coast, with Molise as its neighbour in the north, Campania to the northwest and Basilicata to the west. The climate is reliably sunny, and hot and dry in the […]

This week’s #ItaliaIcon – The Trullo

They were originally constructed as temporary field shelters, and then affordable village housing – yet nowadays they can command quite a price… The trulli were first built by farmers and shepherds working in the Itria Valley, and would often be dismantled and reconstructed elsewhere as the patterns of agriculture shifted across the land. Then they […]

Ostuni the City of Light

The ancient hilltown of Ostuni, in Puglia, is a must-see for anyone visiting the high heel of Italy’s boot. Fleur Kinson leads you through the dazzling white maze of its streets You’ll probably have your first sight of it while driving along Puglia’s coastal motorway – a glorified dual carriageway, quaintly lined down its central […]