Tagliatelle with pesto trapanese

This makes quite a lot of pesto, so if you have too much for the pasta you can pop the excess in a container and keep it in the fridge, under olive oil, for a few days. Tagliatelle with pesto trapanese Tagliatelle al pesto trapanese Serves 2 – Preparation 10 minutes – Cooking 10 minutes Ingredients 200g […]

Chicken Marsala

Chicken Marsala may have originated with British residents of Sicily in the 19th century. Certainly its popularity extends beyond Italian shores. Serves 2 Preparation 10 minutes Cooking 35 minutes Ingredients 2 medium organic free-range chicken breast fillets, pounded seasoned Italian ‘00’ flour 15g unsalted butter 1 tbsp olive oil 90ml dry Marsala 2 tbsp chicken […]

Southern Italian potato pie

New potatoes are abundant at this time of year and as well as being great boiled, they also bake very well. This layered potato pie will draw all the family round the table … Serves 2 – Preparation 15 minutes – Cooking 35 minutes Ingredients 450g new potatoes, scrubbed salt and freshly ground black pepper 2 onions, peeled, finely […]

Risotto rice pudding with stewed plums

Risotto dolce con susine stufate Risotto can work as a dessert too. Here is a fantastic Risotto rice pudding with stewed plums, using seasonal fruit. ➤ Serves 2 ➤ Preparation 10 minutes ➤ Cooking 15 minutes 350ml milk 25g caster sugar 90g arborio or carnaroli rice 1 vanilla pod 75ml double cream 250g plums 1-2 tbsp water 3 amaretti […]

Pea, mint and mascarpone risotto

Risotto ai piselli, menta e mascarpone The pea, mint and mascarpone risotto is one of the great tastes of summer, and it works very well with this creamy cheese. ➤ Serves 2➤ Preparation 10 minutes ➤Cooking 20 minutes 150g peas, fresh or frozen 10 fresh mint leaves 500ml chicken or vegetable stock 1 tbsp olive oil 3 […]

Gnocchi with spinach, Gorgonzola and pancetta

Gnocchi agli spinaci, Gorgonzola e pancetta You can, if you have time and patience, make your own gnocchi, but it is an ingredient that does not suffer from being pre-prepared by a supermarket. ➤Serves 2➤ Preparation 5 minutes ➤ Cooking 10 minutes 250g good-quality ready-made potato gnocchi 80g cubetti di pancetta 100g mascarpone 70g Gorgonzola cheese, cut […]

Prawns in tomato sauce

Gamberoni al pomodoro  Dig into these prawns in tomato sauce with your fingers, keeping a finger bowl filled with water close to hand so things don’t get too messy. Serve with fresh, rustic bread or pasta to make more substantial. ➤ Serves 2 ➤ Preparation 5 minutes ➤ Cooking 15 minutes 500g fresh, raw, shell-on large prawns 2 tbsp olive […]

Courgette bake

Tortino di zucchine This courgette bake is a great main course for vegetarians or alternatively a hearty first-course dish for four people. ➤ Serves 2 ➤ Preparation 10 minutes ➤Cooking 35 minutes 2-4 medium to large courgettes, topped, tailed and sliced lengthways into thick ‘tongues’ 2 tbsp plain white flour 250ml sunflower oil ½ an onion, chopped 2 tbsp […]

Aubergine Rolls Recipe

Involtini di melanzane e ricotta Aubergine carries other flavours, and this ricotta combination shows the cheese off at its best. This Aubergine Rolls Recipe is perfect, and ready in just 25 minutes! ➤ Serves 2 ➤Preparation 10 minutes ➤Cooking 15 minutes 1 large aubergine, leafy top trimmed off 6 slices bresaola 125g ricotta a small handful of […]