5 foodie reasons to visit Bologna

Characteristic food shops in the historic center of Bologna

Discover the delicious reasons to visit Bologna in Emilia-Romagna … 1. Authentic ragù When you think of Bologna, Bolognese sauce may spring to mind – but you won’t ever find it teamed with spaghetti in this city. This is a common misconception that spread across Europe and the United States when the ragù left its […]

A tour of the Porticoes of Bologna with Tom Benjamin


Bologna’s historic porticoes, a pervading symbol of the city’s hospitality, have been granted UNESCO World Heritage status. We join novelist and Bologna resident Tom Benjamin for a guided tour of his highlights. (1) The heart and soul of Bologna is Piazza Maggiore, Bologna’s main square, and the porticoes of Renaissance ‘PAVAGLIONE’ prettify what might otherwise […]

Making Tracks, Part 1: To Bologna


Twenty years ago Rachael Martin arrived in Italy, exploring the country by rail and dreaming of rooms with a view. Twenty years, one Italian husband and two kids later, she still has the memories of those first voyages of discovery… Photos by Rachael Martin It started early one morning with a train, a train that […]

Emilia-Romagna: cities of food

Alexander James brings us the low-down on the top spots for food and drink in Emilia-Romagna… one of the best regions for enjoying Italy’s finest specialities Modena Modena is a city laden with hidden culinary treats. Many know it as the place-name that adorns balsamic vinegar bottles. But the real deal vinegar is very different […]

Emilia-Romagna: University of the Good Life

Bologna. L'antica zona del Mercato di Mezzo (Mercato Vecchio, Quadrilatero). Vie Pescherie Vecchie. Negozio di salumeria e prodotti tipici enogastronomici.

Think of Italy and its most well-known food exports, and a third of them come from one region: Emilia-Romagna. Alexander James finds out why this part of the country is such a gastronomic hot-spot… Photos by Bologna Welcome (www.bolognawelcome.com) unless otherwise stated Visit this region between the Adriatic Sea and Tuscany and you’ll find the […]

Homes in Emilia-Romagna

This affluent and sophisticated swathe of Italy combines sublime countryside with gem-like cities and vibrant beach resorts. It’s a superb place to buy a rural home in the hills, and at roughly half the cost of neighbouring Tuscany, says Fleur Kinson. You might not be immediately familiar with this region’s name, but you’re sure to […]

Top ten Italian cities for apartments

Incase you can’t decide on your ideal Italian city to settle in – we have made a list of the top cities for you to make the choice a bit clearer.  1. Rome – population 2,850,000 Italy’s brash, loud, vibrant capital is a confident, thick-skinned place, secure in its achievements and completely unsurprised to receive […]

48 Hours in Bologna

Renaissance towers, arcaded porticos and a cuisine to die for – Bologna is the perfect alternative to the north’s more famous destinations. Marina Spironetti reports… Bologna, a hedonistic city for connoisseurs, can be underestimated by the average tourist, who often sees it only from the train window on the journey from Venice or the lakes […]

48 Hours In Bologna

The city of Bologna – la Grassa – is just as famous for its food and culture as it is for its ancient university. Heather Crombie samples its delights… Bologna is different things to different people, a city of many names reflecting the many facets of its personality. To the academics it is the ‘learned […]