Gazetta Italia: rain dance

Val D'Orcia, Tuscany

We endured another terrible summer in the UK, and they did in Italy too, but for quite the opposite reasons. Tom Alberto Bull on the drought and heat that affected the peninsula… Rain dance So another British summer has passed, and not without the usual complaints about the inconsistent (and often miserable) weather. During these […]

Cod loin, Prosciutto and Red Pepper skewers

Cod, prosciutto and pepper kebabs

These cod, prosciutto and red pepper skewers from Lakeland are simple and delicious. The perfect addition to your BBQ! Ingredients: 500g cod loins, cut into 16 bite-sized chunks 16 slices prosciutto 12 cheese-stuffed sweet peppers in dressing Instructions Wrap each piece of fish in a slice of prosciutto. Thread four pieces onto each skewer, alternating with […]

Cappuccino Ice Lollies

These ice lollies are just what we need for a hot day! Cappuccino Ice Lollies by Lakeland Ingredients: 300ml fresh, hot coffee 200ml milk 2 level tbsp caster sugar 2 tbsp Tia Maria hard-setting chocolate ice cream sauce (optional) Instructions: In a large jug, add the sugar to the coffee and stir until dissolved. Add […]

Baked Ricotta with grilled vegetables

Why not try this delicious recipe, healthy, tasty and quick! Only 40 minutes to get this perfect two person meal… Baked ricotta with grilled vegetables Ricotta al forno con verdure Ricotta has a rich yet delicate flavour that complements all sorts of grilled summer vegetables. This combination is typically Mediterranean, but use your imagination – […]

Top 3 – Hit the Beach

Heading for the coast in Italy this summer? Go in style to the beach with these (vaguely) rock’n’roll-related accessories! 1. Cut across Shorty Never mind being on the beach – how about having the beach on you? These eye-catching Orlebar Brown swim shorts for men give you the opportunity to do just that, emblazoned as they […]