Homes in Veneto

Torri del Benaco, Veneto

Romantic little cities, sleepy hills, shimmering rivers and long Adriatic beaches – Veneto has no shortage of enchantment. Seekers of urban apartments and of rural retreats should take a closer look, says Fleur Kinson Photos by Getty Images   You’re a well-travelled italophile. You know all about Venice, and Romeo and Juliet’s Verona. But you […]

Piedmont regional property guide

If you’re thinking of a new life in Italy, Piedmont could be for you. Fleur Kinson discovers the property potential of this spectacular northern region… Photos by Getty Images   Piedmont lies in the far northwest of Italy and gets its name from its location at the ‘foot of the mountains’. It is bordered by […]

Homes in Piedmont

Langhe Piedmont

Snow-dusted Alps, vine-striped hills, elegant towns and some of the best food and wine on the planet – Piedmont has an embarrassment of riches and is a superb place to buy a home… Words by Fleur Kinson. Photos by Getty Images   With some of the shortest travel times between Italy and the UK, Piedmont […]

Abruzzo regional property guide

Fleur Kinson examines the different parts of Abruzzo to help you discover the perfect place to find your dream home. Read on for her regional property guide… Photos by Getty Images   The central Italian region of Abruzzo is one of Italy’s least populated, and around a third of its land area is given over […]

Homes in Abruzzo

Pacentro, homes in Abruzzo

Wild, unspoilt and uncrowded, Abruzzo holds huge appeal for lovers of the outdoors. As well as mountains and beaches, it offers astonishingly affordable properties, says Fleur Kinson Photos by Getty Images   Abruzzo entices visitors with the call of the wild, or at least the call of the great outdoors. Dominated by leafy highlands and […]

Homes in Lazio

civita di bagnoregio

Rome steals all the attention, but the rest of this region deserves far more fame, with lyrical hills, sleepy lakesides, friendly little towns and historic treasures all around, says Fleur Kinson Photos by Getty Images   All roads lead to Rome. But they can also lead out of it, and exploration pays off. Italy’s capital city […]

Homes in Liguria

Corniglia Italy

Easy to reach, and offering plenty of good-value property, it’s no surprise that colourful, sophisticated Liguria is much loved, says Fleur Kinson Photos by Getty Images   Forming a slender arc on the map, Liguria hugs the Mediterranean coast from the south of France to Tuscany. And yes, its beaches are every bit a lovely […]

Homes in Umbria

montefalco, umbria

Beautiful landscapes and exquisite medieval hilltowns make this tranquil region an enchanting place, and properties here make a sound investment, says Fleur Kinson… Photos by Getty Images   Nestled in the centre of the Italian peninsula, with Tuscany, Lazio and Le Marche as neighbours, Umbria is a region of wide rural vistas and captivating hilltop […]

Tuscany regional property guide

Val d'Orcia, Tuscany

Fleur Kinson explores the towns and landscapes of Tuscany, and discovers a surprising and captivating diversity for prospective home-buyers… Photos by Getty Images Tuscany remains the most popular of Italian regions and is loved by tourists and would-be property buyers for many reasons, not least because of its beautiful countryside and cities laden with Renaissance […]

Homes in Tuscany

Italy, Tuscany, Massa Marittima Cathedral

Adored for its stunning landscapes and historic cities stuffed with fine art, Tuscany is a dream-region for many would-be buyers in Italy, says Fleur Kinson… Photos by Getty Images   If you asked a non-Italian to list as many of Italy’s 20 official regions as they could, however short their list was, it would almost […]