Viewpoint: Santuario Madonna della Corona

Madonna Della Corona

This is obviously quite an unusual place to build a church, but the story of why the Santuario Madonna della Corona is here is even more unusual… Photo by Getty Images The people of Monte Baldo were baffled by a light emanating from a point in the cliff face where there was no house. They […]

Italia! Photos of the month: November 2019

Check out our latest Italy gallery – all these great pics were snapped by Italia! readers. Which is your favourite?! This month’s winner:  “The staircase at the Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo, with a cheeky sunburst. Not only was the spiral staircase an incredible sight, but climbing to the top for rooftop views across the city […]

Viewpoint: dawn in Tuscany

dawn in Tuscany

Dawn breaks over Tuscan countryside… mist-shrouded valleys gently yield views of their ripening vineyards and fertile terraces, and nary a dog dares to bark… Photo by Getty Images Tuscany has long held an appeal for dreamers seeking a happier life, particularly those from Great Britain. The poet Shelley was an early adopter, as was the […]

Past Italia! Pisa Cathedral

pisa cathedral

This fine example of Romanesque architecture is largely ignored, thanks to a mistake that occurred in its grounds… Photo by Getty Images Ask anyone what they know about Pisa and they’ll mention its Leaning Tower, the freestanding campanile of the city’s Cathedral, on which construction began (on dodgy ground) nearly a century after the Cathedral […]

Italia! photos of the month: October 2019


We’ve got lots more wonderful photos of Italy to showcase this month. Enjoy these marvellous shots from Italia! readers… This month’s winner:  “It could only happen in Venice! A truly theatrical backstreet.” by Anita Hashtrudi, Aberlady   More of our favourites this month… “Isola Bella, view from Stresa. Photo taken in April 2019, just after receiving […]

Viewpoint: waterfalls at Tivoli

Waterfall Tivoli

The ancient and modern town of Tivoli lies at the falls of the Arienne river as it descends from the Sabine Hills on its way to meet the Tiber in Rome… Photo by Getty Images Just 30km from the capital, Tivoli has always been a place of retreat for the city dwellers. Since the 18th […]

Italia! photos of the month: September 2019


This month brings with it another gorgeous gallery of Italy photos from Italia! readers – sit back and enjoy! This month’s winner:  “Castellabate. Taken early June ’19.” by Thomas Grant, Lenzie   More of our favourites this month… “It was a quiet summer afternoon in Venice, so I retreated to the shadow to admire the […]

Viewpoint: Miracle of Summer Snow

summer snow

People gather outside the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore on Rome’s Esquiline Hill to witness a soap foam re-creation of the Miracle of Summer Snow… Photo by Getty Images Legend has it… that on the night of 4th August, a long, long time ago, it snowed in Rome. Not everywhere, and not a lot, but […]

Italia! photos of the month: August 2019

We’ve got another spectacular collection of Italian photos this month – all taken by Italia! readers for our regular competition. Get set to enjoy these stunning snaps… This month’s winner:  “We got married in Alghero, one of our favourite places in Italy. Here we are being piped through the old town. We also think it […]

Past Italia: Abbazia di Santa Maria di Pulsano

pulsano abbey

Pulsano Abbey stands on the spur of Italy’s heel in the Gargano area of Puglia, overlooking the Gulf of Manfredonia Photo by Getty Images There has been an abbey at this location on the Gargano promontory since the 6th century. However, the original was destroyed by Islamic invaders and the 12th-century rebuild – which had […]