Canestrelli biscuits


This recipe for canestrelli biscuits makes it easy to create this tasty Ligurian treat – Mario Matassa shares his technique to show us how its done… These biscotti would traditionally have been twice cooked (bis-cotti), resulting in a crisp exterior and crumbly interior. Canestrelli can be bought today, fresh from the ovens, in any good […]

Almond Cookies

Casa Luca is a restaurant run by Favio Trabocchi and his wife, Maria, in Washington DC. The chef has let us in on some of the culinary secrets of his homeland in Italy, these almond cookies are just our favourite!  Serves 6 – Preparation 45 minutes plus 45 minutes standing – Baking 10 minutes Ingredients 5 large egg whites 500g granulated sugar 450g almond flour 2 […]

Creative Holidays In Italy

La Serena Creative Holidays La Serena Creative Holidays are an unforgettable experience, combining the luxury home-from-home of our beautiful Italian Villa whilst immersing yourself in your chosen special interest. Come by yourself, to meet like-minded people, or with a group of friends. Your five-day holiday price includes all accommodation, gourmet meals and excursions. Dressmaking 23-27 […]