Readers Italia Moments February 2017

This month, we’ve seen an array of photos but our favourites have captured some stunning experiences This month’s magazine winner  Diane Watson, Sheffield “This picture is of Lake Misurina from our hotel bedroom – breathtaking view of the light on the Sorapis mountain group.” Tayfun Atailer “This photo was taken in Venice during a gondola […]

Italia Moments – Week 8

Sea views, vineyards and architecture but we’ll stop doing the talking a let the photos speak for themselves… One of our photos from our readers, Marianne Bruining, this is Castellabate, so beautiful  Sharon Reynolds captured this view from top of Anacapri Rae Carver took this photo as she head up the hill to the lighthouse in Portofino ‘This double […]

From Pisa to Palermo – Italia Moments Week 7

It’s that time of year when holidays seem like a distant memory yet some of our readers have been whisking themselves away to a land where summer never seems to end.. Castello Aragonese in Taranto, Puglia. The photographer, Jarno Liimatainen, explained “Italian army runs the castle as it has been their base, so a tour is free […]

Italia Moments – Week 6

This week, Venice was a popular focus, the city of love, the kind of place where you want to get lost (as we’re sure you will).  Julia Carpenter sent us this stunning picture of Venice at dusk – ‘A view I could never tire of’. We totally agree! Get your furry friends are at the ready! It’s #NationalDogDay […]

Italia Moments – Week 5

Holiday travels seem to be the theme this week, from Rome to Sicily and day to night. Send your photos ready for Italia! Moments Week 6! A couple just returned from ‘an amazing 2-week visit with our dear friends’ View from the apartment balcony in Verona, March 2016 taken by Bettina Weber The beautiful Sunset in Naples captured by Kim […]

Italia! Moments – Week 4

From herb gardens to stunning views at Anacapri, we feel like we’ve been on an all round trip of Italy! Send your photos ready for Italia! Moments Week 5. Amelia Hovath sent us some stunning images of her trips in Italy, we selected our favourite which is her view over the sea at Anacapri. This […]

#ItaliaMoments – Your photos this week

This week we’ve been sent photos of beautiful italian sunsets, idyllic settings to holiday abroad in and to be completely honest, we are jealous of all our lovely fans and photographers who are where’d we love to be… Sunrise in Marina Grande-Capri by Annik Susemihl Last evenings most wonderful sunset over Lake Garda by Tony Dye Rome […]

Italia! Moments – Weekly Round Up 2

It’s time for our 2nd weekly roundup of Italia Moments submissions from our super talented fans. This week there’s a range of seascapes and delicate flowers, perhaps it will inspire you to send in your own photographic moments captured in Italy… Both of these photos along the Amalfi Coast were sent in by The Blog of Pigeon Voyageur, he explains that a […]

#italiamoments – Weekly Round Up: Classic

The weekly round up is here! We love your photography too much to keep it to ourselves, we’re going for a very classic, elegant focus to start with… We enjoy the photos you send us so much we’ve decided, we want more! From today onwards we will be doing a weekly round up of all our fans’ photo…so […]