Readers Italia Moments February 2017

This month, we’ve seen an array of photos but our favourites have captured some stunning experiences

This month’s magazine winner 
Diane Watson, Sheffield

“This picture is of Lake Misurina from our hotel bedroom – breathtaking view of the light on the Sorapis mountain group.”

Tayfun Atailer

“This photo was taken in Venice during a gondola trip earlier this year, where I celebrated my 40th birthday with 15 friends, fully dressed up for the Venetian carnival, reliving the aristocratic atmosphere of 17th-century Venice. It was the first time I’ve dressed up for the carnival, but definitely won’t be the last time enjoying and discovering this wonderful city. For those who have not experienced dressing up during the carnival, I hope this picture becomes an inspiration!”

Lucille Kadragich, New York, USA

“This photo was taken in Anacapri in June 2016. The view of the Caprese coastline and Sorrentine Peninsula was absolutely breathtaking!”

Kevin Walker, Stocksfield, Northumberland

“Wow, the atmosphere at the Palio delle Contrade in Castel del Piano, Tuscany! It’s loud and proud – well, it is Italy! This year’s winner was the green and yellow Contrada Poggio!”

Mike and Anna Hooper, Sydney, Australia

“When visiting the Forte di Belvedere in Florence my wife and I came across a Jan Fabre sculpture exhibition (Spiritual Guards) on that site. The sculptures were striking and I took this shot out over Florence and highlighting il Duomo under the cross held aloft in the sculpture.”

Rachel Markwick

“A visit to the landmark Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana in Rome. We had not expected a free exhibition celebrating Fendi’s 90 years in fashion design.”

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