Published On: Fri, Sep 16th, 2016

Italia Moments – Week 8

Sea views, vineyards and architecture but we’ll stop doing the talking a let the photos speak for themselves…

One of our photos from our readers, Marianne Bruining, this is Castellabate, so beautiful 


Sharon Reynolds captured this view from top of Anacapri


Rae Carver took this photo as she head up the hill to the lighthouse in Portofino


‘This double rainbow seemed to perfectly capture the magic that, despite the crowds and tourist traps, my husband and I felt in Venice’ – Photographer: Joseph Broom 


Andrew Cook’s stunning photo of Burano, it was a scorching hot day during his family holiday to Italy.


One of our readers Peter Kirchem sent in photo of a luscious green vineyard near Cereseto in Piemonte


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