Trout fillets with green olive and caper pesto


Mario Matassa brings us this trout dish, known in Italian as filetti di trota con pesto di olive e capperi – make it tonight! Lake fish, like trout, naturally features strongly in the cuisine around the lakes. It was once a staple but overfishing was such that, for a time, other sources of fresh fish […]

Baccalà alla napoletana

Salt cod Neapolitan-style

Baccalà alla napoletana (salt cod) is a hugely popular dish in Italy, and is a popular Christmas Eve dish among Italians. Mario Matassa shows us how it’s done… Baccalà is sold everywhere in Italy in the run-up to Christmas. It is important to buy it in advance as it needs to be soaked in water for […]

Swordfish with capers, pine nuts and lemon


This delicious swordfish dish (pesce spada alla ligure) from Mario Matassa is a treat for seafood fans, and a real taste of northern Italy Throughout Liguria, capers, pine nuts and lemons are used to flavour and garnish dishes – as in this swordfish dish. It’s always best to use unwaxed, organic lemons: Serves 4 Preparation time […]

Sicilian stuffed sardines

Mario Matassa’s recipe for sardines includes sultanas and pine nuts. You’ll have to remove the fish’s head but don’t be too fastidious about the bones. Just take out the main spinal bone and the larger bones will follow Serves 4 Preparation time 10 minutes Cooking time 5-7 minutes Ingredients: • 2 slices of fresh white bread • 50g […]

Fillets of John Dory Mediterranean-style

Try this Filetti di pesce San Pietro alla mediterranea for an easy but tasty meal!  Ingredients: 3 tbsp olive oil 4 John Dory fillets 4 plum tomatoes, skins removed 2-3 tbsp black olives, pitted 1 tbsp capers salt and freshly ground black pepper heaped tbsp chopped flat-leaf parsley Method: Heat a tablespoon of olive oil […]

Cod loin, Prosciutto and Red Pepper skewers

Cod, prosciutto and pepper kebabs

These cod, prosciutto and red pepper skewers from Lakeland are simple and delicious. The perfect addition to your BBQ! Ingredients: 500g cod loins, cut into 16 bite-sized chunks 16 slices prosciutto 12 cheese-stuffed sweet peppers in dressing Instructions Wrap each piece of fish in a slice of prosciutto. Thread four pieces onto each skewer, alternating with […]