Pappardelle with duck ragù

Pappardelle con ragù di anatra. Discover this dish from Pappardelle, the classic fresh egg pasta of the region. This is often served with a rich, slow-cooked sauce – often made from wild duck, hare or boar, reflecting the Tuscan passion for game. SERVES 6 PREPARATION 20 minutes COOKING 2 hours INGREDIENTS • 1 onion, peeled, […]

Seducing my husband without salt: part 2

Rachael Martin continues her story of what living in Italy has taught her about food, moving on from pasta and risotto to polenta… The days get colder, wild mushrooms are picked and chestnuts roasted. Pumpkins have made their way into shops and risottos. Then autumn is about to give way to winter and Christmas is […]

Seducing my husband without salt: Part 1

Rachael Martin on what living in Italy has taught her about food: from pasta to risotto and beyond… The first time I made my Italian boyfriend a dish of pasta, he took one mouthful and looked at me. Horrified. Pasta without salt, way up the list of the seven deadly culinary sins as any Italian […]

Stirring stuff

Our editor Amanda Robinson discovers authentic Italian flavours and new friends at a hands-on cookery course in the Veneto hills… Total immersion: it’s the best way to learn, right? Speak a second language like a native, pass your driving test, swim like a fish, become a chef… It’s a tried-and-tested route to success. So, how about […]

Cooking in Veneto

Amanda Robinson is no stranger to Italian cooking. This time round she opted for a week long class in Venice and was impressed every step of the way.  Like so many Italia! readers, I adore the vibrant food culture in Italy and I love to cook Italian food at home. I have enjoyed a number […]

Creative Holiday

Have you ever wanted to combine a holiday in Italy with a real learning experience? Then a creative holiday is just what you are looking for… Life Holidays Experience a luxury Pilates holiday in Italy with Life Holidays, May to October every year Life Holidays is an experienced holiday specialist, unique to Italy and Sicily.  […]

Cookery & Wine Holidays Accross Italy

With a cooking culture that is unequalled in the world, many people take gastronomic holidays in Italy to enjoy and learn more about the country’s cuisine… Ecco La Cucina One of the best ways to truly experience a country as beautiful and diverse as Italy is by taking a culinary tour that fully immerses you […]