At-Home Coffee Machine: Which is Best?

The Marketing Manager at De’Longhi UK explains which sorts of coffee machines are the best for the home…

Q. There are now many different types of coffee machines for the home. You can use capsules, powder or beans. Is there a big difference in the quality of coffee that these different methods produce? And is there a noticeable difference in price?

A. It’s simply a case of knowing where to start. With such a wide variety of coffee machines, at first it might be hard to know which model to go for. But rest assured, there’s one out there to suit your lifestyle.

There are basically three categories of coffee machines: Bean to Cup, pump machines, and pod-based machines. Bean to Cup machines create all your coffee shop favourites such as espresso and americanos. Beans are freshly ground in the machine for every cup, according to your choice of the strength and length. Premium De’Longhi machines also have a patented, auto-cleaning milk carafe that froths, heats and delivers fresh milk for your favourite milky coffee drinks.

A pump machine is the most traditional way to make espressos, lattes and cappuccinos using ground coffee, a filter holder and an integrated milk frother. Alternatively, Nespresso (or pod-based) coffee machines use pre-roasted, ground and specially selected coffees, dosed and packed into aroma-saving aluminium capsules. Simply select your favourite blend (they can be picked up from most supermarkets) and enjoy the automatic preparation of your ultimate coffee drink.