The Villa of the Papyri, Herculaneum

Mosaic of Neptune and Amphitrite in Herculaneum

We are still making discoveries at Herculaneum, and computer technology may be about to reveal something very special, says Joe Gartman… Photos by Patricia Gartman   It’s been ten years or more since I saw the little, old-fashioned wooden display cases sitting in a deserted room of the National Archaeological Museum in Naples. When I […]

Campania regional property guide

Positano, Italy

Part of Campania’s attraction lies in its great diversity, from glitzy island getaways to quaint hill towns and bustling cities, there’s something for every property hunter. Fleur Kinson takes a closer look at the region… Photos by Getty Images Introduction Campania is one of Italy’s most populous regions, with almost six million inhabitants. It is […]

Homes in Campania

Bay of Naples view from Posillipo Hill

This sun-drenched southern region has seduced visitors for nearly 3,000 years. There are still homes here to suit every budget, says Fleur Kinson Photos by Getty Images   You wouldn’t be the first person to fall in love with Campania. This geographically stunning place has been magnetic for millennia. It was here, specifically from the […]

Drink Italia: Wines from Campania

Campania is a place that’s very much on the rise as far as its wines are concerned, and we’ve uncovered some real finds from this productive southern region! Campania’s winemaking history goes back a long way: to the ancient Greeks and possibly even earlier than that, with many Greek-introduced grape varieties very much in evidence […]

Cilento travel guide

Acciaroli, Campania, Italy

Denise Otero shares the very best of Acciaroli and the glorious Cilento area in Campania – from great places to stay to must-visit attractions Acciaroli & the Fountain of Youth If you are looking for the Fountain of Youth, Acciaroli would be a good place to start. We can thank the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de […]

10 things we love in Cilento

Beautiful beaches, unspoilt landscapes and fresh, natural food make the Cilento coast one of Italy’s best-kept secrets. Denise Otero pays homage to the region and explores why people here live so long. Here’s our top ten picks of things to do when you visit… Photos by Denise Otero unless otherwise stated 1. See the town […]

Viewpoint: Procida

Beautiful View of Procida, Campania Italy

Lying quietly between the Neapolitan mainland and the tourist haven of Ischia, the unspoilt island of Procida is the Bay of Naples’ best-kept secret… With a land area of just four square kilometres and a permanent population of just ten thousand, for most people Procida is just a passing glimpse of land on the way […]


Pompeii is a truly spectacular place, frozen in time for two millennia… There are very few places to visit that are as historically fascinating as the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. The demise of the city and all of its citizens took just 24 hours as Mount Vesuvius erupted with tragic consequences. The inhabitants were […]

48 Hours in Capri

Fleur Kinson spends 48 hours in Capri and discovers the island’s best-kept secrets – its wonderful walking routes, far from the crowds, with stunning natural beauty in every direction… Towering out of the Bay of Naples, Capri has long seemed a distinctly enchanted island. It was from here that the sirens of Greek myth reputedly called […]

Top Tips for Capri

If you’re planning a trip to Capri, you may like to visit some of the below landmarks, hotels and restaurants. Read more about Capri in Fleur Kinson’s 48 Hours in Capri by clicking here. WHAT TO SEE AND DO THE BLUE GROTTO Via Grotta Azzurra, Anacapri This brilliantly illuminated sea cave mustn’t be missed. A […]