Parmigiano Reggiano Protests

Natoora250pxThere seems to be something really grating cheesemakers in Italy at the moment – particularly those who produce the infamous Parmigiano Reggiano.

Parmigiano Reggiano creators plan to line the streets of Bologna this week, in protest against impetuous imposters that are using Parmigiano Reggiano’s fame to cash in on inferior cheeses that just don’t cut the mustard. The aim is to promote the unique cheese and why it stands out  with it’s  chalky yet creamy texture and combination soft and strong flavours.

The protesters want to rid overseas cheap immitation cheeses, that often come in pre-grated form. Coldiretti Agricultural Association said that these oversees companies have “done more damage to the local economy than the financial crisis or the earthquake that struck there three years ago”.

British Supermarkets are some of the companies named and shamed for their inferior cheeses. Other companies mentioned by Coldiretti included “Grande Parmesan” in the US, “Parmesao,” sold in Brazil, and “Reggianito” on sale in Argentina. According to the source, what Americans are eating, believing they are enjoying authentic Italian cheese, is actually “a taste light years away from that made in Emilia Romagna”.


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