The Baron Corvo’s grave

The final resting place of an English eccentric who made Venice his home, writes Joe Gartman Images by Patricia Gartman  The pale red brick walls and tall cypresses of San Michele Island rise from the lagoon waters less than a quarter mile from Cannaregio’s Fondamente Nove. They form a perpetual memento mori, a reminder of […]

Discover the city of Verona

Shakespeare may have put Verona on the map, but it’s the city’s rich history that makes it unforgettable ‘Fair Verona, where we lay our scene’ introduces William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, yet the world famous 16th-century play and its fabled locations are mere dots on the historic timeline of this impressive city nestled at the […]

The Marble Faun

Discover more about the Roman inspirations for Nathaniel Hawthorne’s 19th-century Gothic novel with Joe Gartman. Long ago in Rome, wealthy families often embellished their palazzi with tall, fortified towers. This allowed them to impress rival clans or perhaps dump noxious liquids on their heads when the situation required it. The owners of one such tower […]

Discover Orto Botanico Padua

A glorious day of exploration among the flora of 3,500 species of plants awaits in this botanical oasis in Padua Established in 1545 as a medicinal plants teaching garden, and considered to be the origin of botanical gardens, the Orto Botanico Padua has evolved into a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a leading authority on […]

Live like a film star on the shores of Lake Como

Discover Lake Como and you’ll see why Michelle Jackson, The Novel Traveller, felt like a celebrity when exploring one of the most popular destinations in Italy with Travel Department. Before we start… Now that Covid vaccinations are progressing well the world is slowly starting to open again for some well-deserved travel experiences. Italia! have partnered […]

Discover Villa Adriana

villa adriana

How does a Roman Emperor create the ultimate symbol of power? By building an ‘ideal city’ that still stands to this day. Unenthused by existing villas yet keen to follow in the tradition of Roman emperors’ having a rural retreat, Emperor Hadrian constructed his vast residential complex at the foot of the Tiburtine Hills in […]

A guide to Naples fashion

Zoey Goto visited Naples on a dapper mini-break, after receiving a rare invitation to take a look behind the scenes at two of the world’s most exclusive and historic tailoring houses. Until recently, the tailoring and fashion scene in Naples has been shrouded in an elegant cloak of mystery. But now the capital of Campania […]

The real San Marco

Adrian Mourby ventures deep into San Marco, Venice’s oldest sestiere, which is known the world over for its piazza and yet is otherwise relatively rarely explored. Images by Kate Tadman-Mourby unless otherwise stated Of course we all know San Marco. This area of Venice has the best of the Grand Canal, the Rialto and Accademia […]

Discover Villa d’Este

Villa D'este

The 16th-century Villa d’Este at Tivoli, a UNESCO World Heritage Site sits just outside Rome. The palace and gardens were created from a desire for status, yet a legacy that spans centuries has been left… How does a newly declared governor of Tivoli ensure that an old monastic building befits his new political status? He […]