Pete Evans’ Pizza Review

Test your palette with Pete Evans’ weird and wonderful pizza recipes…


by Pete Evans, Murdoch Books, £18.99 (hardback)


Over the course of some 250 pages, award-winning Australian chef Pete Evans details a whole range of pizzas, including some intriguing variations such as breakfast pizzas with sausage and fried egg, and some less obvious toppings – octopus and bone marrow calzone anyone? However, traditionalists are well catered for too, with sumptuous-looking recipes for prosciutto, rocket and Parmesan, pepperoni with chilli, the whimsical capricciosa (leg ham, mushrooms, artichokes and olives) or the classic Margherita. And if you want to court controversy, why not try the tropical ham and pineapple? Most of the recipes are relatively straightforward and, like all good cook books, Pizza is full of mouthwatering photography. If you’d like to try your hand at making some of these delicious recipes, turn to page 68 where we’ve got three terrific recipes taken from the book.