Wellness in the mountains

Amy McPherson discovers the healing power of nature in the mountains and ancient forests of Trentino Images by Amy McPherson unless otherwise stated It has just rained. Soft, dense and moist autumn leaves cushion our steps, and I have the urge to pounce beneath the leafy heaps like a cat, to dig my paws into […]

The Grandeur of Venetian Palaces

The best way to see the wealth of sumptuous palaces in Venice is by water, says Sara Scarpa Images by Iain Reid  The Grand Canal, Venice’s main artery, is where the most illustrious Venetian noble families lived and where the most prestigious palaces still stand. These palazzi have been the homes of artists, writers, musicians, […]

Discover the Rolli Palaces of Genoa

The Palazzi dei Rolli are a living showcase for the wealth and power of certain 17th-century Genoese families The lavish Palaces of the Rolli were the ultimate display of familial affluence, influence and splendour during Genoa’s Renaissance and Baroque periods. To see one such building survive to this day is remarkable, yet this port city […]

5 foodie reasons to visit Naples!

Love delicious Italian food? Looking for your next adventure? Look no further and discover our five foodie reasons to visit the beautiful Naples! 1. Pizza You can’t visit Naples without sampling the delights of the ubiquitous pizza! Naples saw the creation of the Margherita pizza during a royal visit to the city in 1889. To […]

48 hours in Majella

Officially listed in the UNESCO Geopark network, Majella in Abruzzo is a dream for nature lovers, as Val Nicastro discovers. Images by Val Nicastro About an hour’s drive inland from Pescara and the beaches of the Adriatic coast, the Majella National Park is one of those hidden gems of Italy that impress with their simplicity […]

Top 10 guide to Urbino

The Marche region has a glittering coastline, verdant hills, majestic mountains, and a trove of artistic treasures – Chris Allsop explains why your first cultural stop should be Urbino. Images by Val Nicastro  The typical line trotted out about Le Marche – the fertile region between the Adriatic and the Apennines, between forested Abruzzo and […]

Top 10 guide to the best of Italy’s coastal wildlife

The seas around Italy are teeming with life and its coastline boasts a thrilling array of natural wonders. Jenny Oldaker explores a few of its highlights… Images are Getty unless otherwise stated With a coastline of 7,600km (including islands), the sea has always been hugely important to Italy, helping the country maintain healthy trade links […]

The Perfect Italian Pandemic Pick-Me-Up

Julia Kolbert tells the little-known story of Tiramisù: The Perfect Italian Pandemic Pick-Me-Up   For all the extolling of their Mediterranean diet, the Italians do have a decidedly sweet tooth, especially at breakfast time. All those buttery brioches filled with jam, and their predilection for cake, Nutella and sugar-laden coffee are too much for this […]