Italian Kitchen Review

Anna Del Conte brings Italy to your kitchen and brightens up your cookery skills in her new book, Italian Kitchen…

Italian Kitchen

by Anna Del Conte, Square Peg, ?20 (hardback)

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This is one of those recipe books where you start marking your favourite pages, only to discover that ultimately you have littered the whole book with enthusiastic Post-it notes. In this new bible for Italian cooking, Anna Del Conte strikes again with her thoughtfully clear recipes and Anglo-friendly writing style. The book is divided neatly into four ? antipasti, pasta, risotti and dolci ? and as such provides an easy blueprint for putting together dinner party and family menus. Del Conte promises dishes that are ?typically Italian yet very varied? ? and delivers simple techniques for beginners alongside innovative dishes for the more adventurous cook. You?ll be particularly taken with the pasta with onion sauce: it sounds innocent enough, of course, until you see Marmite in the list of ingredients. These beautifully British twists, together with the staples of regional cooking, make this an absolute triumph.