Bowled over… at the Vatican!

vatican cricket team

Cathy Heald finds out about the most exclusive cricket club you’ll ever see: St Peter’s at the Vatican… Photos by Cathy Heald unless otherwise stated   There are a multitude of things that we all associate with the Vatican: the Pope, the Swiss Guard, St Peter’s Square and stunning architecture to name a few. What […]

Insider’s Rome: The Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums are by far the most visited art galleries in Italy. And so they should be. There are more than 20,000 items on display at any one time – and sometimes it feels as if there are just as many people seeing them. The Museums house the collections of five centuries’ worth of […]

Top Five Galleries

A country with a wealth of artistic wealth of artistic treasures picking the best of Italy’s galleries is no easy task. This month, we highlight some of the peninsula’s unmissable art archives. 1. Gli uffizi Florence Had Florence’s biggest and busiest gallery failed to top the list of Italy’s best galleries, it would have looked […]