Homes in Cities

Italian cities get it just about right. They’re usually not too big, they’re always full of beautiful buildings, and they tend to favour pedestrians over motorised traffic. They’re also excellent places in which to buy a property, says Fleur Kinson…   Italy’s famously glorious countryside is rivalled in appeal only by its opposite: the nation’s […]

Turin for Chocolate Lovers

Cocoa and chocolate have influenced the culture and of Piedmont for over 300 years and café society flourished here around the time of Italy’s unification. Catherine Sidwell explains why Turin is known as the chocolate capital of Italy. She shares her experiences of some of the historic cafés, chocolate shops, gelaterie and the festival ‘CioccolaTO’… The […]

Top Tips for Turin Chocolate Lovers

Following our article on Turin for Chocolate lovers, here’s a list of must-visit cafés to experience the very best chocolates in Turin! INFORMATION ➤ Turin Tourist Office For information on and opening times of cafés and shops, seasonal city walking tours and chocolate factory visits. ➤ Palazzo Madama (Closed on Mondays.) ➤ CioccolaTO TURIN’S […]