Baths of Caracalla

The Romans really knew how to relax, as this ancient spa complex in Rome attests – it had room for 1,600 leisure-seekers, and came equipped with shops and libraries! There’s nothing quite like taking an indulgent trip to a spa to let the soothing waters ease the cares of the world from our shoulders. And […]

Top Five: Thermal Spas

Montecatini, Tuscany

Bubbling hot springs and soothing mineral waters abound in the perfect climes and geology of the Italian peninsula. We take a look at five of the most therapeutic on offer… Ischia Bay of Naples, Campania This beautiful island nestles in the Bay of Naples in one of the most volcanic regions of Italy – prime […]

Viewpoint: the thermal falls of Saturnia

If you’re visiting Tuscany for a rest this summer, why not visit the thermal falls of Saturnia, where Italia! recently took to the soothing waters… Of all the many natural wonders that Tuscany boasts – from the impressive conical cypress trees to the vast acres of unspoiled pastures – relaxation has always been paramount to […]

A Spa Weekend at Castello di Casole

A weekend away at the Castello di Casole offers you luxurious relaxation at the Essere Spa as well as fine Tuscan food and, if you like, a spot of truffle hunting… It’s winter, the leaves have fallen from the trees, the weather is still getting colder and wetter, and it’s already dark by the time […]