Fried Mozzarella Toasts

Fried mozzarella sandwich

Mozzarella in carrozza Mozzarella in carrozza is a tasty treat born in Napoli, which has become particularly popular in Venice. Like an elevated version of the classic grilled cheese (or toastie, if you prefer), this sandwich features fresh mozzarella, and is fried in a delicious golden batter. For true Venetian style, add a slice of […]

Fruit salad with Italian Chantilly cream

Fruit salad with cream

Macedonia con crema chantilly all’italiana Over the summer, it pays to take advantage of the wonderful supply of fresh seasonal fruits. One of my favourite desserts has always been a simple bowl of fresh strawberries with a generous dollop of Chantilly cream. But I also love Italian crema pasticcera (their version of custard, you could […]

Seafood Soup

seafood soup in bowl

Zuppa di pesce There’s something about fish soup that gives it the ‘wow’ factor. The key is good quality fresh fish and adding them according to their respective cooking times. One of the sheer joys of this dish is that not only does it look spectacular but it’s a dish you can dig in and […]

Focaccia with peppers and mozzarella

sliced focaccia on wooden table

Focaccia con peperoni e mozzarella As the days get warmer and the nights shorter, Italians take to one of their favourite pastimes: eating outdoors. The key to a successful summer evening party is to organise a menu that can mostly be prepared in advance. This focaccia recipe doesn’t require any kneading. It does have to […]

Crème Caramel

Crème caramel

Latte in piedi Dolci al cucchiaio – desserts to be eaten with a spoon, such as zabaglione, tiramisù, panna cotta, budino and, of course, the classic crème caramel are popular in Italy because they’re simple to prepare, they can be made well in advance and they’re generally economical. Cheekily, I’ve given the Italian name above […]

Tortelli Piacentine-style

Tortelli Piacentine

Tortelli con la coda Tortelli filled with ricotta and spinach are made throughout Emilia-Romagna and are formed into different shapes according to where you happen to be in the region. Here in Piacenza, I have to say, tortelli con la coda – literally tortelli with the tail – is arguably the most eye-catching variation. But […]

Breaded Anchovies

Breaded Anchovies

Acciughe panate croccanti In Italy, fresh anchovies and small sardines are greatly prized. Both fish belong to the category of ‘blue fish’ and have a strong flavour and a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids. The good news for the cook is that they are so small that you don’t need to remove the spinal […]

Linguine with Smoked Salmon

Linguine with smoked salmon

Linguine al salmone affumicato Pasta is one of the most versatile ingredients in that you can conjure a sauce or topping from practically any ingredient. At Christmas, one often finds an opened pack of salmon lingering in the fridge, and this recipe by Mario Matassa is ideal for a simple and tasty evening meal. Any […]

Nonna’s Classic Ciambella

ciambella ring cake recipe

Ciambella della nonna The classic ciambella, like the crostata or the torta di frutta, is a simple country cake for which every grandmother in Italy has her own recipe. They are often known as torte di credenza (sideboard cakes), because they are dry cakes made without cream and therefore keep well without refrigeration. As a […]

Stuffed baked courgettes

Stuffed baked courgettes

Zucchine ripiene al forno Courgettes are perfectly suited in the kitchen as a vehicle for stuffing and roasting in the oven. The mixture of beef with onion, parmesan and chopped parsley used in this recipe by Mario Matassa is a classic all-round stuffing mix. Other vegetables that would be equally suited to this recipe include […]