Trofie with leeks, tomatoes and basil

trofie pasta

Mario Matassa’s recipe for trofie with leeks, tomatoes and basil is a delicious taste of Liguria – known in Italian as trofie alle ligure The area around Cinque Terre, Liguria has a long-standing tradition of dried pasta. Trenette, long, thin linguine-like pasta, are served with pesto, potatoes and green beans. Equally popular today are trofie, […]

Penne with mushrooms and peas

penne with mushrooms

Mario Matassa’s simple and satisfying mushroom pasta dish is the perfect solution for a tasty midweek meal. Try it tonight! In Italy porcini mushrooms reign supreme, but this pasta dish can also be made using other varieties, depending on what you have in store (just skip the soaking step if using fresh rather than dried). […]

Cuttlefish tagliatelle with spicy squid sauce

Cuttlefish pasta with squid

Cuttlefish (seppia) is very popular in Italian cuisine and its ink can be bought in small packets in supermarkets or Italian speciality stores – here’s a great recipe to showcase its flavour Serves 4 Preparation time 45 minutes, plus resting Cooking time 10 minutes Ingredients: • 400g plain flour • 4 medium free-range eggs • 1 sachet of cuttlefish ink […]