Family Values at Appassionata

Appassionata is a family run fractional ownership business, offering 1/10th (5 weeks) shares in luxury properties in Le Marche, Italy. This inspiring venture was created by entrepreneur, Michael Hobbs, and his wife, interior designer, Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs, in 2007. Along with help from their daughter, India and husband Charlie they have found the perfect balance, a […]

My Italia! – Antonio Tonelli, La Tagliata

Executive chef Antonio Tonelli tells about La Tagliata, the exciting new Italian dining concept in London’s Spitalfields… What made you decide to come and work at La Tagliata? Mainly it was the enthusiasm of Carlo Palumbo, managing director of the restaurant, and the challenge involved in creating a place like home, where you always go back for […]

My Italia! – Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs

Living in Italy, restoring houses, rescuing horses and selling handbags, Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs considers herself to be very lucky… WHERE IN ITALY IS YOUR HOME? I live in Le Marche with my husband and two of my four children, experiencing things I never thought I would. I have always loved life, adventures, challenge and hard work, […]