Our life on Lake Garda

Shropshire-based David and Leila Church bought a two-bedroom apartment on the southern side of Lake Garda twelve years ago. They stay there for a month every summer and make several week-long visits throughout the rest of the year. At other times they offer the apartment for holiday rentals through a local agency. What drew them to […]

48 hours in Modena

Sara Scarpa spends a weekend in Modena, a city primarily famous for performance cars and the world’s best vinegar, but one that has much more to offer besides… After wandering along the cobbled streets in the centre of Modena, we finally reach a small, dark square with a few tables lit by a tall lamp. […]

Gazetta Italia! – Life expectancy in Italy

We have recently learned that life expectancy in Italy is considerably higher than it is in the UK. Tom Alberto Bull wonders why this interesting claim might be true… Qual è il segreto? Le ultime statistiche rivelano che gli italiani vivono mediamente diciotto mesi più a lungo rispetto a noi britannici. E allora qual è […]

My life in Rome

Marina Schultz divides her time between London and Rome, where she bought atwo-bedroom apartment in 2015. What drew her to the Eternal City, and what keeps her coming back? “I went to Rome on a business trip back in 2007”, Marina explains, “and was dazzled by the place – its energy, style, colour and history. […]