Piano and the Port

Porto Antico, Genoa

Renzo Piano was born in Genoa, and the famous Italian architect has been instrumental the regeneration of the city’s Old Port… Photos courtesy of Genoa Tourism and Sarah Rodrigues   From the outside, the Piano-designed Aquarium may resemble nothing more spectacular than a large shipping container but, as one of the largest in Europe, the understatedness […]

Genoa La Superba: the city that won’t be beaten

panoramic view from Spianata Castelletto

The collapse of the Morandi bridge last year shocked the world, but Genoa is a resilient city, and a splendid one to visit. Sarah Rodrigues samples its delights… Photos courtesy of Genoa Tourism and Sarah Rodrigues Who isn’t guilty of under-appreciating pesto, store cupboard stalwart that it is? It’s a staple I associate with nights when inspiration […]

Specialities of Genoa

Seafood Genoa

The northern coastal city of Genoa offers so much to delight prospective visitors – not least the selection of renowned (and lesser-known) food and drinks that hail from this area. Here are a few local specialities to try… Photos by Jon Palmer                           […]

48 Hours in Genova

With its dramatic geography, recent cultural renaissance and fascinating backstreets, Francesca Unsworth explains why it’s time to fall in love with this dynamic city Genova never quite seems to make it onto the traveller’s list of desirable places to visit in Italy. Tucked into the crease of Italy’s northwest coastline, the Ligurian capital struggles to […]