Gazetta Italia: Love your leftovers

leftovers in fridge

In this edition of our bilingual feature, Tom Alberto Bull looks at how Italians are saving money by turning to old techniques for leftovers in the kitchen. KEY WORDS Useful Italian words and phrases to add to your vocabulary. Il aumento dei costi Rising costs Dove possibile Where possible I metodi tradizionali Traditional methods Il […]

Gastronomic Panettone

Turn Christmas leftovers into the perfect party starter with this panettone gastronomico recipe by Mario Matassa. This savoury take on the classic sweet panettone has in recent years become a fashionable antipasto in Italy, often served before Christmas lunch. Alternatively, prepared in the days after Christmas, I see it as the perfect vehicle for a good […]

Rice Cakes with Mozzarella and Tomato

Learn to make Crocchette di riso con mozzarella e pomodoro with Mario Matassa’s Italian rice cake recipe Okay, if you form the exact same ingredients set out below into a ball, then arancini is the word you’ll be looking for. But, while working the lunch menu in restaurants here in the north, we more often formed […]

Mediterranean Rice Salad

Indulge your taste buds in the vibrant flavours of Italy with this delightful ‘Insalata di riso’ Mediterranean rice salad recipe. Rice salad has been described as the caposaldo, ‘cornerstone’, of Italian summer cuisine. Every Italian has an opinion about what makes a good rice salad, and there are as many variations on the recipe as there are […]

5 foodie reasons to visit Modena

Barrels of balsamic vinegar di Modena

Discover five delicious reasons to visit Modena… 1. Beautiful balsamic vinegar Modena is a favourite with gastronomes for many reasons, but one of its greatest attractions has to be its world-acclaimed balsamic vinegar. The DOP product has been made in the city since the Middle Ages, and unlike ordinary vinegar is made from reduced grape […]

Fried Mozzarella Toasts

Fried mozzarella sandwich

Mozzarella in carrozza Mozzarella in carrozza is a tasty treat born in Napoli, which has become particularly popular in Venice. Like an elevated version of the classic grilled cheese (or toastie, if you prefer), this sandwich features fresh mozzarella, and is fried in a delicious golden batter. For true Venetian style, add a slice of […]

5 foodie reasons to visit Venice

Bite-size snacks with wine glasses

Venice is well-loved for its amazing architecture and winding canals. But if that’s not enough, here are five fabulous foods and drinks that will convince you to visit Venice… 5 foodie reasons to visit Venice: 1. To feast on risi e bisi If you visit Venice in the springtime, one dish not to miss is risi […]

Fruit salad with Italian Chantilly cream

Fruit salad with cream

Macedonia con crema chantilly all’italiana Over the summer, it pays to take advantage of the wonderful supply of fresh seasonal fruits. One of my favourite desserts has always been a simple bowl of fresh strawberries with a generous dollop of Chantilly cream. But I also love Italian crema pasticcera (their version of custard, you could […]

Seafood Soup

seafood soup in bowl

Zuppa di pesce There’s something about fish soup that gives it the ‘wow’ factor. The key is good quality fresh fish and adding them according to their respective cooking times. One of the sheer joys of this dish is that not only does it look spectacular but it’s a dish you can dig in and […]