A Return to Tuscany

Siena Cathedrale

Chris Allsop last visited Tuscany as a young boy. Thirty years later he decided to go back… The last time I was in Tuscany, I mostly chased pigeons. I was six, on a family holiday, and the astounding art heritage of Florence was no match for the challenge of putting the wind up every pigeon […]

Driving, Thriving and Surviving in Italy

italian driving

Everyone knows the stereotypes about Italians and driving – fast, impatient, aggressive, appearing to consider red lights as advisory… But there are more specific quirks that may take you by surprise. So, to make your driving experience in Italy a bit more predictable, here’s Gordon Craigie’s Top 10 Italian Driving Habits… Illustrations by iStock 1 Wavering […]

Dizzy on the Fizzy – The Prosecco Story

Think Prosecco and you may think of Bellinis and Spritzers, but there is so much more to the wine than that, as its producers are keen to point out. Kevin Pilley treads the Prosecco Road in Italy’s far northeast…   One for the shade,” said Francesco, handing me an ombra of fizzy San Giuseppe Superiore […]

In the footsteps of Casanova

An itinerary on the tracks of the legendary 18th-century lothario, Casanova, as told by Sara Scarpa… To many, Casanova is simply the reckless Venetian lover who once upon a time escaped from a prison cell. Portrayed as such over the years in film and television productions, this tarnished account of him is etched into the […]

Magic of Mantua

Mantua was once considered an island with power to rival that of Venice. Adrian Mourby experiences the mystery and elegance of the city today… Through the early morning mist, as my boat crossed the still waters of Lago Inferiore, Mantua’s towers and domes rose like a fairytale kingdom. In the days when the Gonzaga family controlled […]