Mid-week Meals: Penne with prawns & artichokes

Artichokes are a hugely popular ingredient in Italian cooking, and these succulent baby globes, combined with juicy prawns make this pasta concoction a mouth-watering treat that can be on your plate in minutes.   Ingredients Serves 4 1 lemon, for juice 4 baby globe artichokes, preferably with good long stalks 3 tbsp olive oil 2 […]

6 Best Jarred Artichoke Hearts

One of Italy’s favourite vegetables, the artichoke is a delicious addition to an antipasto platter, or a tasty treat all by itself. Italia! samples a selection of the best on offer… Perfect for sprucing up pasta and transforming lettuce leaves into a delicious salad, jarred artichokes are undoubtedly the fanciest of all standbys, and no […]

Jarred & Preserved Vegetables Review

Antipasti are a way of life in Italy, and an essential aspect of the nation’s favourite first course of any meal is preserved vegetables. Here we present a selection from the UK high street. Go to any restaurant in Italy and you’ll be provided with the option (and who could turn it down?) of a […]