The countdown begins to the most awaited period of the year for ski enthusiasts

Ski enthusiasts will now be able to monitor the progress of the work on Alta Badias slopes thanks to a unique system.

Alta Badia, a ski resort in the Dolomites, will be introducing the first ever snow-production report, allowing ski enthusiasts to monitor, in real time, the progress of work on Alta Badia’s slopes, all thanks to a unique system developed by Skicarosello – Corvara.

On Saturday 2‎nd December, Alta Badia will be opening the 2017/18 winter season, thanks also to state-of-the-art snow technology, implemented in all the top ski resorts.

In fact, the ski area is equipped with latest generation, high-performance artificial snow equipment, ensuring excellent skiing conditions right from the start of December. This year, Alta Badia will be presenting an important new service: the snow-production report, which will allow skiers to check the snow cannons and production of artificial snow directly from their mobile devices or sat comfortably in front of a computer.

This data aggregator, developed by Skicarosello – Corvara in collaboration with Business Process Engineering Srl, collects information on the production of snow from the snow groomers or from the slopes that are ready to open, allowing for real-time monitoring of snow production .

This application called SKI.P.BX is based on XBPR® (eXtensible Business Process Repository) technology, which processes and reorganises data using a semantic approach. The original idea was for this programme to help optimise use of our most precious natural resource, water, as well as to minimise electricity consumption. Only afterwards did it become clear that some of the information collected, such as the level of snowfall and the preparation of the slopes, could also be of interest to guests.

The report is therefore dedicated to all those skiers who simply can’t wait to try out the bends and curves of Alta Badia’s slopes. Thanks to the snowfall report, skiers can find out about the situation on some of Alta Badia’s most important slopes: Piz Sorega, Col Alto, Boé and, of course, the Gran Risa, where the traditional Alpine Skiing World Cup races will be held on 17th and 18th December.

Anyone interested can sign-up to the report and receive regular updates on the progress of work.