Top Five: Pizzerias

It’s such a controversial question: what is the world’s best pizzeria in the pizza capital of the world? Here are our top 5…


Top Five Pizzerias - Italy Travel and Life

1. Antica pizzeria da Michele

Via Cesare Sersale 1/3, Naples

Given that there are reputedly 12,000 pizzerias in Naples, it would have been easy to fill our top five with venues from this city alone. However, we resisted this temptation in order to let a few other towns get a look in too, and in the end selected Naples’ most famous pizzeria for our top spot. Antica Pizzeria Da Michele perpetually receives rave reviews from tourists, local customers and travel journalists alike – and often has a queue that stretches right up the street. Its appearance is unassuming, but its great-value pizzas (around €4) are incredible.

Choose from a Margherita or Marinara and find a table inside to savour the experience, or order outside to take a box away. Either way, it’s an experience to treasure and Italia! writer Fleur Kinson agrees: “I once carried a Da Michele pizza all the way to Naples airport in a taxi, and the aroma was heavenly. Even the taxi driver was salivating! I eventually munched it sitting on a plastic chair in the airport, and it was like being transported to a golden paradise of dining perfection!”

Top Five Pizzerias

2Pizzeria da baffetto 

Via del Governo Vecchio 114, Rome

Long-time fixture of the city Da Baffetto is an institution, serving up lip-smacking Roman pizza at appealing prices. Try the Pizza Baffetto, with mushrooms, onions, sausages, roasted peppers, egg and more. Like all good Italian pizzerias Da Baffetto can get crowded and noisy, but this just adds to the fun!



3.Il Pizzaiuolo
113 Via dei Macci, Florence

Il Pizzaiuolo is widely thought to be the best pizzeria in Florence and it serves up a wide range of toppings, as well as other dishes – just in case there are (God forbid!) any non-pizza munchers in your party. It is usually heaving and it can be difficult to get in, but once you’ve done so you’ll be in pizza heaven.

Pizza Ortolana

4. Trattoria Biondo

Via Giosuè Carducci 15, Palermo

Italia! contributor Jamie Miller put his vote in for this delightful place, which is highly recommended by local Sicilians. Owned by Benedetto Biondo, it’s been open for 20 years and is famously experimental with toppings, which include delicacies like truffles, and the focus is kept firmly on fresh, local ingredients.


5. Pizzeria bella napoli
Via Marconi 14, Verona

Owned and run by a Neapolitan and serving mouthwatering pizza by the metre, this popular joint comes recommended by Italia!’s travel editor Francesca. It’s busy, bustling, and the service is fast, making it perfect for grabbing a slice of the good stuff to stoke your engines before exploring the city.