New: Trufflesecco combining two great things

You guessed it, this new venture brings together two of Italy’s best treats, truffles and prosecco.

New Opening: Trufflesecco
Credit: The Telegraph

This article was originally from The Telegraph

This bar has brought together the streets of Camden and the elegance of Italy, who knew that was possible? The outer appearance is unassuming however Trufflesecco has graced the North West extravagantly and is the most recent addition to the phenomenon in the foodie world that concentrates on one or two key ingredients.

Sisters Irina and Lana Bondar founded the bar and the duo have created an intimate space in which to present two of Italy best exports.

These foodies took their inspiration from Florentine dining and decided to do two things well, extremely well.  With sales of the bubbles rising by 80 per cent this year, it doesn’t take a genius to realise that Prosecco needs to be front and centre, but they do also offer wines. With seven different types of Prosecco and Prosecco-based cocktails it’s enough to begin the night of truffles to follow!

Credit: The Telegraph

Now, the truffles are a whole new experience. They offer a selection of heavenly, aromatic truffle dishes that really steal the show. Swish into a world of Italian cheese, with platters overflowing with gorgonzola, peppery taleggio, tart pecorino and Umbriaco Prosecco also known as “drunken cheese” as it’s soaked in the sparkling wine, to top of this dish it comes with a rich artichoke and truffle cream and truffle salsa. Not to mention, the meat selection, boasting truffle crostini and salty slivers of parma ham and mortadella studded with pistachios.

Nevermind that heart problem, although you may just feel your arteries closing up! Any form of bodily shut down would be entirely worth the experience!

Credit: The Telegraph
Credit: The Telegraph

Trufflesecco, with an aurora of soft Italian lifestyle, is a perfect restaurant for a date, however the combination of flavours might not result in the freshest of breath.

Request a tray of bellini popsicles they are very refreshing alongside the richness of the other food available and pair it with delicately scented shot glasses of black truffle grappa, which is certainly much more sophisticated that Italy’s usual after dinner biscuit.

This restaurant/bar brings the loved cuisine of Umbrian region to the obviosuly un-Umbrian setting of Camden just don’t ruin your date without grabbing some minty freshness on the way home!