Five foodie reasons to visit Genoa

From fabulous focaccia to fresh fish dishes, discover five foodie reasons to visit Liguria’s capital, Genoa…

Foodie genoa - happy tourist eating focaccia on ligurian beach

The capital of Liguria, Genoa has a lot more to offer than ports and palaces. Discover the unmissable delicacies for any foodie in Genoa.

1. Pesto genovese

pesto genovese in glass jar
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Starting with the most obvious, Genoa is, of course, famous for its pesto genovese.

In the city itself, and all along the Ligurian coastline, pesto genovese is the sauce that accompanies the pasta primo.

A blend of fresh basil, pine nuts, olive oil, cheese and lemon, this verdant sauce is a match made in heaven.

Most often paired with trofie, the tight pasta spirals of the region, green beans and potatoes, this is the typical genovese dish par excellence.

2. Historic bars

Old street with signboards in Genoa
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Genoa is said to have the largest preserved medieval centre in Europe and a stroll through the narrow streets will convince any visitor to the city of its historical heritage.

Duck into one of the many bars for a glimpse of life in medieval times.

3. Fresh fish

Acquario di Genova entrance logo
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Start your visit at the Acquario di Genova, in the old port redeveloped by Renzo Piano.

Marine life is one of the city’s star attractions, as are a number of delicious fresh fish dishes, including sea bass, typically baked whole, and bianchetti (whitebait) fritters.

4. The home of focaccia

focaccia and farinata
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We often think of focaccia as the classic Italian bread.

But outside of Liguria (with the exception of certain parts of Tuscany) you will rarely encounter it.

Head over to Zena Zuena (Via Cesarea, 78r), where you can sample focaccia and farinata, the city’s ubiquitous chickpea flatbread.

5. The Oriental Market

genoa mercato orientale
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Although the name conjures images of a market of Eastern spices, the Mercato Orientale is so-named for its geographical setting on the eastern side of town.

Vivid colours and jovial market banter make this one of the best locations to get a taste for the Genoan way of life.

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