ASK Italian introduces an Italian hand gesture menu

ASK Italian is introducing the world’s first menu you order using only Italian hand gestures.

Image: Ask Italian/Instagram

According to research, Italians use up to 250 hand gestures a day, and ASK Italian wants to celebrate this element of Italian communication by encouraging customers to use its limited edition ‘Eat like an Italian’ menu!

To order one of their five special dishes from its new spring menu, you’ll need to use hand gestures specific to each dish.

Available from March 14th, the new menu will be in ASK Italian restaurants across London including ASK’s restaurants in Paddington, Mayfair, Islington and Spice Quay.

Plus there’s a Baked Chocolate Gnocchi, Italian for dumplings, these mini chocolate gnocchi are filled with Nutella and served with chocolate sauce on the side to dip and dunk.

ASK Italian worked with Italian language school Vivere L’Italiano on the gestures, which are a mix of authentic Italian (such as one hand moving from side to side, the gesture for ‘spicy’), and Italian-inspired (such as two cupped hands, the gesture for ‘burrata’, which did not previously exist).

If that wasn’t enough, customers who order using the menu during the first week can even receive a complimentary bowl of Mixed Nuts Piccante or Italian Olives.

This story first appeared on Urban Intention