ASK Italian have some new gnocchi flavours to try

Italian are back with three new flavours of gnocchi: prosecco, popping candy and snowball – and you can try them for free. Three new flavours: Prosecco gnocchi: baked gnocchi dipped in a prosecco and white chocolate sauce. Popping candy gnocchi: baked gnocchi dipped in dark chocolate sauce and then rolled in popping candy Snowball gnocchi: baked gnocchi that’s served […]

ASK Italian introduces an Italian hand gesture menu

ASK Italian is introducing the world’s first menu you order using only Italian hand gestures. According to research, Italians use up to 250 hand gestures a day, and ASK Italian wants to celebrate this element of Italian communication by encouraging customers to use its limited edition ‘Eat like an Italian’ menu! To order one of […]