Prehistoric Li Lolghi

Sardinia’s prehistoric past is impossible to ignore thanks to the numerous Bronze Age megaliths that litter the island’s beautiful landscape

The largest of Sardinia’s ‘giants’ tombs’ (tombe di giganti), Li Lolghi, is a prehistoric communal burial site constructed around 4,500 years ago. Over 300 of these magnificent megalithic structures were built on the island from the early Bronze Age onwards and they are predominantly connected to the Nuragic people, who populated the island until the Carthage invasion of the 6th century BC.

The remote tomb of Li Lolghi, 4km from the town of Arzachena, is made up of a long burial chamber with upright stones placed around it in a semi-circular shape and was once covered with either stones or mud. The site, similar to the nearby tomb of Coddu Vecchiu, built around 2,300 BC, has a circular frontage which is thought to have been used as the setting for ancient rituals.

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