Pasta Artigiana Review

Enjoy a wealth of pasta recipes with Nino Zoccali’s Pasta Artigiana…

Pasta Artigiana

by Nino Zoccali, Murdoch Books, £20 (hardback)


If you miss the taste of Italy while waiting for your next overseas trip, Nino Zoccali’s Italian recipe book should help sate those cravings. As the title suggests, this is a heavily pasta-based cook book, but provides a wealth of suggestions, from hearty and filling gnocchi al forno and rustic soups, to the gastronomic delights of an oyster tagliolini or pumpkin tortelli with pistachios. The volume ends with a selection of recipes for the basic elements of Italian cuisine: broths, sauces and, of course, pasta doughs. Filled with exquisite images and typography, this book feels about as close as you can get to an authentic Italian meal without sitting down to eat at a trattoria. Recommended for all fans of Italian cooking.