Ask the experts: Italian honeymoons, homes in Piedmont and more

Our experts are here to help with all your questions about Italy. This month, honeymoons and holidays, property in Piedmont and Italian tax liability for rental income on a UK property…

Second honeymoon in Italy

My partner and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this year and we would like to celebrate in style. We travelled around Italy for our honeymoon, but back then it was a bit of a budget affair! We would like some recommendations for a more luxurious itinerary this time round so that we can make it something really special.
Simon Davies, Cardiff

Congratulations! Italy is such a wonderfully romantic country, we can’t think of a better place to celebrate such a special occasion. One of our favourite itineraries to spoil yourselves is combining the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express train from London with a few nights in Venice. One of the most luxurious train journeys in the world, you’ll enjoy Art Deco sleeping cabins, Champagne brunches and a piano bar straight out of an Agatha Christie novel – on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, the journey is as much a part of your holiday as the destination. After the amazing rail travel experience, continue the celebrations with a few nights in one of the five-star hotels in Venice, such as The Gritti Palace, Ca’ Sagredo or Danieli.

With Italy you really are spoilt for choice with hotels that are both luxurious and romantic. Another idea we recommend is heading to the beautiful Amalfi Coast. We love Hotel Il San Pietro with its Michelin-starred restaurant and sumptuous interiors. The intimate Santa Caterina in Amalfi is another great choice – a luxurious hideaway close to the centre of Amalfi. You could also add on a few nights in one of the five-star hotels in Rome or Capri to really make it a holiday to remember.
Citalia Travel Expert

Orient Express Italy
Why not travel to Italy on the iconic Orient Express?


UNESCO in Piedmont

We are thinking about looking for a property in Piedmont. How much impact do you think the new UNESCO listing will make to the property market? Will it affect prices or make it more difficult to buy or restore properties in the area?
Mark Jackson, London

Piedmont is truly a wonderful region, and the areas now acknowledged and protected by UNESCO Heritage are the most beautiful of all. We actually already see a steady increase in tourism, and the signs are that this will surely continue as the area gets more and more recognised and appreciated.

Prices that hit an all-time low a few years back are now slowly increasing again, and properties in the core of the UNESCO zone are more attractive and thus also likely to ask rather better prices.

Over the past few years the number of properties for sale has increased, leaving a good choice of properties in all price ranges. However, the most beautiful properties in the right position are getting harder to come by and they sell faster. All in all the UNESCO listing is really giving us a solid boost, so don’t hesitate too long!

As for restoring properties in the core UNESCO area, the rules are stricter, obliging you to keep to the traditional style of the area, which I think is a good thing. Any project also has to be approved by a Landscape Committee, so the process takes a bit longer, but this is really not at problem as long as you have a good local geometra or architect to help you out. We will be happy recommend one for you. Hoping to see you in our lovely part of Italy soon!
Eli Anne Langen, Case in Piemonte

Piedmont Italy
Piedmont is a popular region for property hunters


Independent holidays

We would like to stay in Le Marche for two weeks later in the year. We usually book a complete itinerary, staying in hotels with a large holiday company, but this year we would like to organise an independent holiday in an apartment and take trips to discover the area. Can you help us with organising our stay? 
Sally Freedman, by email

Of course, we can help you with organising your stay as we have lived and worked here in Le Marche for over 18 years now, and in that time we have put together a selection of holiday homes and apartments which we have visited all ourselves (several times) and so we know both the properties and the owners very well. The advantage of this is that our wide range of properties means we can help you find the perfect property for all your needs and wishes.

The strength of smaller and more specialised, and sometimes even localised, holiday rental companies like Le Marche Explore is that we can offer tailor-made solutions. So, if you indicate that you have small children, we would propose really child-friendly accommodation. As we know our rental properties personally, and being also a bit more critical than the property owners, who sometimes are a bit too enthusiastic about how perfect their lovely properties are, we can offer an objective view.

When you indicate that you have problems with climbing the stairs or that you are travelling with your elderly parents, we will make sure that there will be a bathroom and bedroom on the ground floor or propose a villa with for example an elevator!

For clients who are visiting Le Marche for the first time, we would suggest exploring the region by maybe staying a week near the coast and another week a bit more inland closer to the mountains. Another strength of a more personalised approach is that we start to know our clients. Often, returning clients are just asking us for suggestions. We learn what they like!

So, if you let us know what is important to you and the people travelling with you and what you have in mind, then we of will select and suggest the perfect hide-away for your perfect vacation.
Monique de Veer, Le Marche Explorer

Italian legal expert: t
axation on uk rental income

I am a British citizen and resident in Italy. I own my home in Italy and I also own a property in the UK which I rent out. Is the rental income on this UK property liable for Italian tax as well?
James Bean, by email

Individuals deemed to be resident in Italy are liable to pay Italian income tax on their worldwide income. While some specific exclusions apply to this rule, income received from the rental of a property abroad is subject to Italian income tax. It is important, however, to first establish whether you are considered Italian resident before assessing your possible tax liabilities. There are several criteria that apply to establish whether an individual could be deemed as Italian resident.

Generally speaking, individuals who spend 183 days or more per year in Italy are considered to be resident there. Individuals registered as “Italian resident” or “domiciled” at the relevant offices of the local Municipality are also deemed Italian resident for tax purposes. UK citizens liable to pay income tax on income produced in the UK should declare any taxes paid in Italy to the UK tax authorities in order to claim the applicable tax foreign credit relief and avoid the application of double taxation.

Given the complexity of the applicable criteria, particularly when an individual may be deemed resident in two countries at the same time and the possible exclusions that may apply in individual cases, it is always advisable to seek professional tax advice before preparing your income tax return in the countries concerned.
Laura Protti, LEP Law