The Umbria Jazz Winter festival

The funk marching band Funk Off – Italy’s premier funk marching band – liven up the atmosphere at the Umbria Jazz Winter Festival, which was held in Orvieto over Christmas… Umbria has once again shown itself to be the beating heart of Italian jazz. The Umbria Jazz Winter festival celebrated its 21st anniversary this year […]

Monti Sibillini

The Monti Sibillini, or Sibylline Mountains, to give them their English name, will be familiar to our regular readers. Their name crops up often in Italia!, but how often do we represent their beauty in pictures? And what’s in that name? The Sibylline range forms part of the central Apennines where they pass through Umbria […]

A Culinary Adventure in Umbria

Writer Christine Smallwood joins vegetarian chef Jane Baxter on a culinary adventure in Umbria to discover its meats… Recipe for a culinary exploration of Umbria: Take two friends ? Christine Smallwood, the writer of An Appetite for Umbria, and Jane Baxter, an acclaimed chef who was the creative culinary force behind the Field Kitchen, the […]

Italian Regional Guide: Umbria

Umbria is known as the ‘green heart of Italy’, thanks to the fact that more than 30 per cent of the region is made up of woodland… This is a tranquil and historically rich region, landlocked on all sides by Tuscany, Lazio and Le Marche and situated right in the middle of Italy, although the […]

Life in Italy: Umbria

BERENICE ANDERSON, based in Oxford, bought and restored a 400-year-old house on a hillside in Umbria…. Set amidst terraced olive groves overlooking the Vale of Spoleto, Casa del Cinguietto (‘birdsong house’) provides a peaceful retreat for Berenice and her family several times a year. The rest of the time, it pays for itself through holiday […]

Property in Italy: Umbria

Tuscany’s tranquil neighbour Umbria is an exquisite place of rounded hills, forested heights, and jewel-like ancient towns, says Fleur Kinson… Set in the very middle of the Italian peninsula, Umbria is a dreamily serene region of wide rural vistas and captivating old hilltop towns. Spacious and leafy, it rightly calls itself ‘the green heart of […]